Beautiful Log Cabin Is A Perfect Fusion Of Modern And Rustic

Welcome to the traditional appearance of a log cabin house is like something out of a fairytale; it exudes an air of quaintness and allure. The Clearwater was built entirely out of stunning logs, which can be found both on the inside and the outside of the structure.


The Front Porch

The addition of rocking chairs, which can be found in a variety of spots throughout the porch, makes for a lovely finishing touch. An experience that is both authentic and rustic to an extreme degree, while yet preserving a touch of a flavor that is contemporary in the background.


The handcrafted stone chimney can be seen incorporated into the building of the porch in addition to its location within the living room where it was originally installed. If you walk outside onto the deck, you will be able to view this.

The Living Area

On the main level of the log cabin, in addition to the kitchen and the dining area, there is a roomy living area that is large enough for the whole family to make themselves at log cabin there.

The great room has an impressive amount of gorgeous woodwork, a fireplace built of stone, and a warm and inviting setting for unwinding with the family. at addition, it operates as a doorway that leads to the terrace located at the rear of the building.


Because it places the living room and the kitchen in such close proximity to one another, the open floor plan of the log cabin is one of our favorite features of the property. In addition, the living room and the kitchen both have access to the backyard.

It makes it very easy to organize any kind of party that you want to have, so you can have it whenever you want. In addition, the sleeping quarters are located on the upper level, in the loft, which also has a cozy open space that can be utilized for resting and is open to the living room.


The Dining Table

This dining area is accessible not only from the kitchen but also from the living room as a result of the open design of the space. You may get rid of the table and replace it with something else, or you could even expand the living room into this area.


Either way, you have a few options. When it comes to spending mealtimes with my family, however, my go-to location remains the traditional dining table rather than any other option.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

You may be surprised to see the familiar and cherished country-style wood log cabinets and backdrop in a more modest kitchen tucked away in a corner.


You can also be able to discover contemporary appliances made of stainless steel, which will make it much simpler for you to fulfill the responsibility of making meals for your family.

The First Bedroom

The bedrooms are spacious in both dimensions and layout, and you are free to arrange them in any way that works best to accommodate your own tastes. An example of this would be a vibrant feature wall that blends in well with the lovely wood walls.


The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The next room you’ll come to is the bathroom, which is completely painted in the same color throughout and has a large glass enclosure for an open-air shower area.

log cabin

Because it has two vanities—hence the name “Jack and Jill” bathroom—this is an excellent choice for a Jack and Jill bathroom that the children may share.

The Second Bedroom

These eaves are not causing a shortage of space; rather, they are providing a beautiful tight nook that may be exploited to add more storage, tuck away some of your favorite decorative items, or even install a chest of drawers like the one that is now being shown.

log cabin

Because of this, we do not have to be concerned about there being insufficient space, which is something that we like very much.

The third Bedroom of the Log Cabin

You are going to really like the fact that each bedroom has its own distinct design, but that the log cabin style is still greatly stressed throughout the whole log cabin as a whole.

This is something that you are going to find to be to your great satisfaction. You are going to find that you are quite interested in this particular aspect.

log cabin

The whole space, including the ceiling, the walls, the accents around the windows, and everything in between, has been decorated extremely meticulously. This includes everything from the ceiling to the accents around the windows.

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