Beautiful Log Cabin In Paradise Valley Montana

Welcome to Log Cabin it is highly recommended that you go on a tour of the Copper Rose Ranch, which is located in Paradise Valley in Livingston, Montana, in the United States of America. You can find more information on the ranch here.


The Living Room

The living room of the house features a fireplace made of stone, and there are windows on every internal wall of the property.

The interior of the home, which also boasts a stone fireplace, looks very stunning thanks to the addition of cathedral ceilings.

This fireplace is gorgeous to take in, and having one in one’s home is a great advantage that one may take advantage of. It can’t be denied under any circumstances.

log cabin

The log cabin features lovely masonry, an enticing fireplace, and a generous amount of living space; all of these components collaborate to produce a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for hosting visitors or simply unwinding with the family.

As a result of the fact that this log cabin has an open floor plan, one of the sides of the property contains a lofted second level, and the front great room features a dining nook, a kitchen, as well as sofas and chairs for the living area of the log cabin.

The open floor plan is a tried-and-true design that has been around for a good reason. It is an excellent way to generate additional space without eating into the existing floor area, and it is a terrific way to do it.

The First Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The shiplap that was used for the walls, the wood that was used for the floor and ceiling, and the multitude of windows that were placed on all four sides of the room helped to let in a great deal of natural light,

log cabin

Which resulted in the bedrooms located on the second floor being extraordinarily bright and airy.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The fact that there is enough space on the sidewall for a desk below the windows, which are located in the corner of the room, is one of the reasons why many individuals choose to sleep in this particular bedroom.


It is easy to get to and would be an excellent choice for a workstation because it is comfy to sit in and does not require much movement.

log cabin

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