Beautiful Log Cabin For Sale Just Outside National Park

Welcome to the Imagine spending quality time with your loved ones in this charming Log Cabin that lies on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. This home is located just on the park’s border.


The Living Area

It was somewhere around the year 1925 when the construction of the log cabin with the single story got underway.

The open floor plan of the rustic log cabin features a wood stove, high ceilings, a master bedroom with log furniture, and other rustic characteristics in the ideal environment.

The rustic log cabin is exactly what you would expect it to be like to live in a log cabin. A forest provides the picture-perfect backdrop for the picture-perfect rustic log cottage.

This gorgeous and roomy space, which can be found on the main floor of the property, is without a doubt the true highlight of the show.

What could be unattractive about a house that has an entire wall of windows that looks out over a lake that is wonderful in every way?

log cabin

Especially in cases where the inside and exterior of the building are finished with the same stone and woodwork, which gives the entire area an extremely earthy and natural look and feel.

This is one of our favorite vantage points since it looks down into the main floor and reveals the immensely huge space that contains a variety of different seating configurations.

The plush chairs that are positioned next to the fireplace are perfect for spending an evening indoors while reading a book.

On the other hand, the sofas that are situated on the side of the room are wonderful for socializing with friends or perhaps taking a sleep in front of the fireplace.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The log cabin design has a total space of 625 square feet available, which can be split down as follows: one bedroom, one bathroom, and 625 total square feet. The building has the appearance of an old-fashioned log cabin and may be found in the area surrounding Cody, Wyoming.

log cabin

The state of Wyoming serves as the setting. Our favorite room in the house is the master bedroom suite since it has a gorgeous en suite bathroom that comes with a tub for soaking, and it also has sufficient space for us to spread out and relax.

In addition to the lovely pine walls, this helps to create the overall impression that the area is wonderful and luxurious.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

This room ought to be the first thing that comes to one’s thoughts when one considers taking a long, relaxing dip in the tub.

You now have access to a location that is not only uncomplicated in terms of the color scheme but also provides you with a television that is mounted on the wall and is distinguished by its depth, originality, brass, and elegance.

log cabin

In addition, you have access to a location that provides you with a television that is mounted on the wall and is distinguished by its depth, originality, and elegance.

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