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Welcome To Log Cabin Suncadia Resort is only a short drive away from Jolly Mountain View Retreat, which is located close to Ronald, Washington. It is possible to reach Suncadia Resort in a matter of minutes while traveling by car.


The handcrafted log cabin provides a breathtaking vantage point from which to take in the natural beauty of the area, which includes Lake Cle Elum.

If you are looking for a holiday destination that will allow you to unwind and enjoy the serenity of nature while you are away from a log cabin, the Pacific Northwest is an excellent choice.

The Dining Table

In the log cabin section that is connected to both the kitchen and the living area, there is a dining room that contains a table that can accommodate a total of six people.


The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen log cabin is outfitted with a farm sink with a single basin, a microwave, a dishwasher, and a side-by-side refrigerator that has a freezer on one side and an oven and stovetop on the opposite side.

In addition to it, there is a refrigerator that is side-by-side and has a freezer on one of the sides in the kitchen. 


Dishes, cookware, bakeware, and several other smaller pieces of equipment such as a coffee maker that can prepare up to 12 cups of coffee, a hand mixer, a blender, a toaster, and a crockpot can be found tucked away in the cupboards.

One of the additional portable equipment that is available is a hand mixer.

The Upstairs Bedroom

The part of the building that is currently being used as both the second bedroom and the game area can be located on the second level of the structure.

log cabin


This part of the building is known as the “game area.”  This space includes a private restroom, two arcade-style games, a gaming table with seating, and two queen-sized beds that are incorporated into the wall. Additionally, there is seating at the gaming table.

The Bathroom

The adjacent lavatory is furnished with a regular toilet, a bathtub and shower combination that offers a good amount of space, and a vanity that features not one but two sinks.

log cabin


In general, the bathroom has a good amount of usable space. Even though it is not particularly complicated, it manages to be both lovely and inviting at the same time.

The Outdoor of the Log Cabin

The chimney was repurposed in this manner so that it could be incorporated into the building of an additional fireplace that was situated on the exterior of the property.

log cabin


This fireplace is a wonderful alternative to take advantage of when the weather is cooler but you still want to spend time resting outside and taking in the fresh air, since it will allow you to do both of those things.

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