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BEAUTIFUL HOUSE in Portugal Built With Sand, Clay & Straw

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In the episode, we will see Modern Off-Grid Cob House Built With Sand, Clay & Straw located in Portugal.

The Stoltz Bluff Eco-Retreat is a monolithic cob house that’s completely off-grid.  It has a 1-kilowatt solar power system and a backup generator for electricity, a propane radiant in-floor heating system and a Rumford fireplace for heat, and a constructed wetland for natural wastewater treatment.

The Outdoor of the house

From the side, you have a desk and hour chairs so you can seat four people and you can have dinner and you also have a gas stove for making a party at night.

The Bedroom of the house

In the bedroom, you have a king-size bed and you can sleep 2 people in here and around the wall paint yellow color and then you can see a giant flower picture and this space is very bright to make you feel good to sleep after your work and tired.

The Living room

In the Living room, you have here a fireplace depending on what is really great, and this is our cab bench as you can see it’s also curved it follows the shape of this wall on the south side and then continues to curve in and cod benches are really common in cobb houses because they’re so easy to build it’s really just an extension of the wall.


The Bathroom of the house

In the bathroom with a door the bathroom so that the vanity flowed right down into the shower and it was all the same material so this is cob and it’s covered in lime plaster so which makes it waterproof and then the curve of the vanity follows the curve of the outside of the wall.


The Master Bedroom

This is your master bedroom so you got a king-size bed and you can see a beautiful picture of creaked mud and weeds hanging on the wall and then a window to make this room bright and beautiful.


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