In the episode, we will see BEAUTIFUL Home & Made This INSANE MANSION Over 30 Yrs in the United States southwest.

This home was only 600 square feet and the house became very tight space was really at a premium and we knew that it was going to have a put-on addition so in 2005 we broke ground for the wing and which was about 500 square feet and it was all conceived for display as a museum and now with the wing museum wing it’s just about 5 000 square feet we have pretty much decided that probably won’t add any more square footage to the at least to the footprint of this house.

This is your 30-foot-tall atrium with a giant skylight so imagine an Italian villa central space that was the concept when was building this I wanted to kind of replicate an Italian villa and have uh 15 rooms in the house and there are 11 levels now these are not stories they’re not stacked on top of each other but different levels where some you have to go up to go down level four does not attach to level five and one of my most favorite spaces is my Biblioteca.

The library so my Biblioteca the library we say as large as the house has gotten we would have to say is probably one of my favorite rooms in the new wing it’s dark it’s cozy and in the wintertime, it’s actually the warmest room in the house so this is generally my morning my morning space my meditation area and of course my reference library art books and some very funny artifacts that we collected from literally from all over the world.

The most amazing bathroom and it is really really famous so come on over and we show you the bathroom also this was a five-year project and it is a monument to the body and its functions so here we have all kinds of fixtures including a shower that is right in the middle of the room and there were a couple of things that we wanted in this space we needed to have a usable urinal a bidet and a shower that has no obstructions and of course a beautiful whirlpool bathtub.

This whole museum is referred to as the museum of the new alchemy so now we gonna take you upstairs we’re gonna go from level one actually to level three so come on up so this room we refer to as my Asia room so 90 of the pieces in here were acquired on several trips to many different Asian countries.

The ballroom well we recently heard that the definition of a mansion is that the house has a ballroom and we have a ballroom so we guess that means that we live in a mansion but this ballroom happens to be so crowded that there will never be dancing taking place in here so it functions as a classroom museum a dining room and kind of general hangout room so this is really we say one of my most dramatic spaces in the house because first of all the height of the ceiling and it allows me to use the space as one of the main areas for displaying artifacts.


This is a little bedroom it is very nice and you can sleep over here.


The house is levels 10 and 11, so this roof deck was in the original concept when we were designing the house, and constructing it was the most recent construction as you can see these are all wind machines and on a really super windy day it’s really amazing it’s really everything is spinning and clanging and banging it sort of sets the stage for everything else on the house which is very very elaborate there are all different facades of the house there’s copper wood galvanized steel and lots and lots of mosaics and for me, mosaic is my most favorite expression as far as a wall treatment and its permanent one of my favorite new features of the house is this amazing.


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