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Beautiful Handmade Tiny Home w/ Recycled Materials

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In the episode, we will see a Beautiful handmade tiny home w/ recycled materials located in New York.

The 90 of this house was completely hand built and about 10 of it was pieced together out of reclaimed stuff completely hand built and about 10 of it was pieced together out of reclaimed stuff we found we were able to do everything really cost-effective but the labor was extreme it was honestly but the labor, and the outside of the tiny house we did it very different than most people and the fact that we broke up the roof line as much as possible.

the living room

In the living room of the tiny house, we got the TV here that’s mounted on a swivel we want it to be that way so you can actually pivot it and watch it from the kitchen while you’re cooking dinner if you want, or watch it from the living room or this was the real intended area that you sit down and view it from we did a small shelf that you can have you, DVD player and function as well there’s full-size pullout drawer below there’s actual storage behind here.

the kitchen

The kitchen, as you can see actually is quite spacious as far as a tiny house goes, and for having as many functions and appliances, as it does all the plumbing and function, had to be in his area of the house, the sink was another piece that came into the shore guy came in and had this sitting in the back of his concrete trailer all covered dirty and we wasn’t willing to just recycle it.

This loft up here is actually 10 feet long and 8 feet wide so it adds another 80 square feet to the house and has a lot of function to it so this ladder was done this way so it will flip out of the way and provide clearance when you go down while still folding down and being totally functional when you need to go to access your stuff.


the bathroom of the home

The 80s sky blue toilet and completely re-plumbed and reworked to make it a full brand new unit with an 80s vibe.


the bedroom of the home

The master bedroom with a queen size bed is cool that it’s private because this door closes and has more hand-built hardware pieces that this bed is simply on hinges with this ring so you just lift and it has a tie-off point that you could tie it to the ceiling and it creates this whole vast storage area for your entire and decks on the tiny house it was more just to make the master bedroom feel bigger.


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