In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL Hand-built CABIN located in North Carolina.

The original build is around a log cabin so building with round logs is pretty challenging and especially when you get into a round meet square the initial form of the log cabin was under 5 000 dollars which were pretty epic for a 12 by 15 space two stories and the logs mainly came from this land and because we salvaged or bought from salvage sources all the window and doors we feel really great about the space being under 400 square feet and then it’s just under 700 square feet with additions and that feel awesome.

the kitchen of this cabin

The kitchen that really important because we spent a lot of time in the house we have the counter right inside the door it takes stuff that we need to set down right away and then you can see the stove and a sink that we crafted with your friend it’s made out of soapstone that we went up to Virginia there’s soapstone and bought here we carved int he a file these drainage points which it’s amazing.   

This is an office and there’s a desk we made with cherry and with spruce and so we used this kind of distressed cherry for the spruce and then there’s slate it’s actually old slate roofing that we used as wall paneling and in the winter time light shines in and hits the slate and radiates that heat back into the room and it’s pretty dramatic.

This is a really generous desk office area and so in order to do that we need to jack up the room so that we could fit the bed in here we have enough room so that we can comfortably sit up in bed and it really feels so cozy and lovely to be just in this little space sleeping and we chose to put tulip poplar bark we harvested and we use that for paneling on the ceiling.


the loft

This room we designed with the idea of being a naturally inspired magical place for a small child we have this bear and two other friends sculpted in the wall and those mimic another bear that you’ll see a little later on in the tour this wall we use a technique that is like traditional plaster on wooden lab and so that has regular insulation in it well it’s wool insulation and then it has lath it’s lime plaster on top this part before it was, in addition, it was c covers porch we closed in this room and the older room.


the bathroom of the cabin

In this room, we have the bathtub featured room we’ve created this tile corral for it does like to keep the toilet out of the house.


This is our back porch and we are big believers in outdoor living we do not want to be sleeping inside when it’s stuffy and it’s so beautiful outside and out here we can hear the sound of the frogs we can like be breathed fresh air we can just be part of nature which is how er want to be and so in the winter time we sleep inside and this is the outdoor bed.


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