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BEAUTIFUL Castle with 2 Game Rooms and a Theater

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In the episode well we see a BEAUTIFUL Castle with 2 Game Rooms and a Theater Located in The North Carolina Mountains.

The Living room

This living room is a comfortable couch large and has a stone fireplace and panoramic windows and then you can find the Fan.

The Kitchen of the Castle

This is a large kitchen room space and the counter and the microwave and the fridge and you also have a dining table right here.

The Seating area

This is your seating area you have a desk and four chairs and on the right, you can see a little two-chair, fireplace, and smart TV.

The Laundry room

In this room, you can see a sink and a washing machine, a Fridge, and a large countertop.

The Bedroom #01

This room is really beautiful so you have a bed and two lamps on the head bed and then you have art painted on the wall.

The Bathroom of the Castle

This room has a large sink and a standing mirror then the sunset is bright in this room.

The Game Room

This room has a lot of games that can make you have fun with your friend and your family.

The Movie Play

This room has red chairs and has a huge flat as it is a cinema.

The Bathroom of this Castle

This is your bathroom so you have a toilet and mirror can you have a shower.

The Bedroom #02

This is your bedroom so in this room, you have a king-size bed you also have two lamps on the bedhead. and then you can see a fan.


The Bathroom of the Castle

This bathroom is not too big but it has all, so you can have a toilet and a sink so you can enjoy your shower.

The bedroom #03

This is your second room has a king-size and then near the bed has a desk and a bright lamp.

The Bathroom of the Castle

This bathroom connects to the next one that has a double bed and all of them have Windows.

The Bedroom #04

This is your bed it simple design but it looks beautiful and you and see a lamp and a picture on the wall.

The Bedroom #06

This master bedroom is a large space and it has a king-size bed and a really gorgeous view outside.

The Game Floor

The adult’s Game Room you’ve got a pool foosball shuffleboard this awesome hockey game which we learned from Beaver cabin was super fun and then a couple more arcade games with Skee-Ball.

The Backyard of this Castle

This is a pizza oven and the dining table there have eight chairs behind the desk you also have a watcher fall it looks very gorgeous Landscaping, and you also have a large HOT TUB.






This is your fire pit you can see eight chairs and you can make a party with your friend and your family, and all around you have a natural tree it is so amazing.

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