BEAUTIFUL CABIN Has Every Cabin Need

In the episode, we will see a BEAUTIFUL CABIN Has Every Cabin Need located in Cle Elum, WashingtonCle Elum, Washington.

The pine house cabin right here behind me it is 924 square feet of living space the interior design is Scandinavian inspired it is beautiful it’s bright there are Florida ceiling Windows all throughout it can sleep up to six guests which is awesome the cabin is this blackboard and Baton exterior this front is where all your parking is and if you bring an electric car there is an electric charger right over there and you can just walk right up to your front door right here and walk inside foreign.

The kitchen takes up this entire back wall you got the black countertop with the black wood cabinets underneath same with the top there’s a lot of storage here and some open floating shelves which is nice the first thing over here in your refrigerator is hidden behind this cabinet then they leave some kombucha here for you and it so surprisingly like it I’ve always avoided it because we thought it’d be really gross it tastes pretty good any way you got your coffee.

The dining table in front of me sandwich review today we’re going to be reviewing a pesto chicken sandwich this looks incredible that looks good gluten-free bread from Stella’s, wow I mean that is a 10 out of 10 I’m lying even the gluten-free bread is really good.

This fireplace is really really cool it is by more so and they even leave some wood here for you.

This living room space is the most beautiful area in this cabin if you ask me huge window right here to my right great views from it amazing natural light a couple of seating options here and then your couch right here in front of me it is really comfortable frame TV up against this wall you got all the luxuries here you got to watch movies console with games in there speaking of games.

There’s your bedroom and in your bedroom queen size bed here in the middle some really nice Lighting on both sides that I can flip on and off and then over here you have a vanity with a mirror you can set your stuff here plenty of space for your luggage there are two windows in here.     

There is a bathroom vanity toilet right here in the middle and your tiled shower floor is heated which is amazing this is just a modern clean bathroom.



The bunk room you got bunk beds here custom built metal ladder here and you got the window over here pretty small space definitely for the kids or you know if you have all adults they could.


This is your main bedroom it is a lot more spacious and you got your queen size bed here in the middle with very nice neutral bedding the vanity same as the other bedroom right here the full-length mirror is nice and have a a couple of options to set your stuff at various Scandinavian split unit in here as well to control your own temperature and it’s just very nice to have a spacious clean in the bedroom.     


This section right here has nice seating options out here with a gas fireplace so easy to start right up and you got beautiful views of nature all around that’s a really nice spot and then way over here you got more options a dining table out here there is a hot tub back there a huge hot tub I should say and then you can walk down these steps down here and explore the rest of the property there is a wood fire pit down there.     

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