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BEAUTIFUL and Ultra affordable Tiny house

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In the episode, we will see This beautiful and ultra-affordable tiny house located in North America and Europe.

This beautiful and ultra-affordable tiny house is light, simple, spacious, and has been stunningly styled like a beach house, constructed this home together is amazing!

The Living room

This is a couch that the colors in here are gorgeous as well it’s very light and bright and yet you’ve got these wonderful pops of color everywhere.

The Kitchen of this Tiny House

This is your kitchen room and you’ve got in here yeah the contrast with the um tiles it looks absolutely beautiful and then you have weight exactly a nice coffee machine the stove and a full-size fridge.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of this House

This room has a mirror there as well with the round and the timber it just kind of offsets again against all of the white in here and you got flushing the toilet.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of this Tiny House

This room’s quite comfortable and cozy up here you’ve even got a king-size bed and then the TV up here it’s really nice at night to come back and relax.

Tiny house

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