BEAUTIFUL Airstream Camper Into a Tiny House

In the episode, we will see a Couple Reduces the Cost of Living by Converting an Airstream Camper Into a Tiny House located in North America and Europe.

This Tiny home on wheels that we could move around when we wanted really made sense for us our home is this 1968 Airstream our trailer measures 26 feet from the tongue to the tail and at six and a half feet wide it makes up 160 square feet of livable space.

There’s a tiny home lifestyle at this point in our lives that was right for us for many reasons the most obvious being that. This tiny home on Wheels is nestled in the woods on a private property here on Vancouver Island our rental agreement is month to month and includes water and an electrical hookup there’s also laundry on the property.

Then our rent is a small fraction of the cost of a one-bedroom apartment in this area so we feel pretty fortunate the landowners have poured a lot of love into this property and we have a gorgeous Garden space that they share James and I contributed four raised beds.

Tiny house

The Airstream was for eight thousand dollars knowing it would be an enormous project and we started working on it immediately with the goal of living in it in just two months the chassis and the shell were in really good condition like every Airstream.

Tiny house

Into the Airstream, you enter our main living area it’s a multi-purpose space where we work eat, and hang out we designed the space to be very inviting with big pillows so that it’s really comfortable it was important to us to be able to entertain in this space it to be very functional so that we could work in here as well so we have a lagoon table bracket that swivels in all directions you can adjust the height.

Tiny house

In the Kitchen that we both enjoyed cooking in we wanted a lot of counter space so we made 15 feet of wooden countertop from Walnut, it was also important to have Ample Storage for cooking Essentials and Pantry Goods so we have a really deep sink.

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