Beautiful Tiny House Elvis bathroom & vintage memorabilia

In the episode, we will see a Beautiful Tiny Home Elvis bathroom & vintage memorabilia located in Portland, Oregon.

The Tiny house we added three new houses to the fleet that we have at tiny digs we rescued a gentleman who had started it he was a contractor his wife wanted to move to a city that didn’t allow tiny houses in the backyard that the rock and roll house and we’ve just had lots of fun converting that my husband and I are 50s babies we had a lot of fun bringing a lot of old antiquey 50s style things into that house welcome to the rock and roll house our latest addition to tiny digs hotel it’s also one of our smallest houses on site but it actually has the biggest loft believe it or not come on in as you can see it’s pretty bright yellow in here didn’t have a lot of windows in this house.

The kitchen you can see it’s pretty bright yellow in here didn’t have a lot of windows in this house so we wanted to have it nice and bright inside this is the living room area this house is only   10 feet by 13 feet so very compact spacing in this house this was a typical 50s style living room 50 60s era skinny legs on furniture not over stuff the shag carpeting some people they have aversions to shag carpeting because it really was kind of awful stuff back.   

This is little yellow drop leaf table was one of the things that I looked and looked for the most and then when my friend found out that’s what I was looking for.

This is a nice big shower it’s a 36-inch shower for this house a lot of our houses have a 34-inch shower so  this will feel like a luxury here  

Tiny house

This section of the house is 10 by 10 so it’s a  rather large loft area in it so it’s pretty cute this is the loft of the tiny house I wanted  to keep just natural wood in here to show off the architectural features of this type ceiling  this is totally different roofline than we’ve ever had before these chenille bedspreads were  a big thing they’re really soft you know made out of cotton they shed a lot but they’re really  soft and nice and you could get them in all different colours and it was kind of fun vintage  old suitcases are a big thing to use in a house so we wanted a vintage suitcase for the nightstand  in this house and I put some little bead on it so if you had a cocktail or something on there it  would be up a little higher and then on that.    


Tiny house

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