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BEAUTIFUL 100-Mile House Built with Sustainable

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In the episode, we will see 100-Mile House Built with Sustainable & Reclaimed Materials located in Canada.

This building of 100-mile houses build a hundred-year house and so that started the 100-mile house idea in a way the layout of the house was designed and the on the roof you have a lot of solar.

The Living room

This is a living room it looks really gorgeous, this place is a really large space and you have a red couch that you can seat four or five people in here and then you have two chairs is very nice and so can find the firewood stone is very cozy here.

The Kitchen of the house

This is your kitchen you can see Lots of dishes then you have a sink and a gas stove it is very nice and then a lot of counters with the plate then the beautiful window you can watch the view and look the nature tree from the outside.

The Bathroom of the house

The sinks old sinks and bathtubs all came from renovations to building with cedar you have to really think about where’s that cedar coming from and if it is sustainable so I have a friend who has a salvage tugboat and salvage operation and there are billions of red cedars.


The Bedroom of the house

In this room there’s no paint there are no solvents there are no varnishes everything that I used in terms of treatment is either with waxes oils I know I say varnishes no kind of plastic and all these the pigment and this is just earth pigments mixed in so the walls it’s just a screed and inside the walls is just insulation we tried to reduce the concrete as much as possible by adding fly ash which is a recycled product.


The Library room

This room is smaller with the quality it very cool you can see a lot of books by the counter and the beautiful picture hanging on the wall and a desk you can read or do homework or assignment in here it is very nice.


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