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Awesome Tiny House Boat Man Living on the Water

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In the episode, we will see Awesome Tiny House Boat Tour Man Living on the Water located Russia.

The cabin is 19 feet long by 10 feet wide, so 190 square because this is a good width trailer on the road and then we have the catwalks on each side that are 2 feet but they’re folding so default for transportation and the dragon is 34 feet long including the dragon so it’s a very nice sized boat and you got a 19 feet cabin by 10 so it’s enough for me because there’s a front and back deck and the upper roof is fully usable.

This boat the cabinets and the furniture are reclaimed or antiques we’re here in a self-built houseboat it has a Murphy bed on the winch and a rooftop deck it also has a propane heater this boat the cabinets and the furniture and it’s built to be used all year.


In the boat, there’s a full kitchen with a propane fridge and a propane cooktop, and a pretty cool sink made with a used galvanized bucket and he’s drawing water from the river in the middle, there’s a small table and a little couch for eating and hanging out and the couch also converts into a Murphy bed at night.


This time of year it hits by the Sun it’s all like the four patio doors the boat maintains because it’s all the urethane insulated in the florist foam and the propane fridge produces heat in the back and it’s enough to keep the boat warm with the Sun.


There’s a small solar panel on the roof which supplies power for the lights and for the winches and in the summer there’s actually a motor on the boat and the boat can be taken out on the water and he also has a basic dry composting toilet the base of the boat is aluminum so it’s all welded together.

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