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AWESOME Three Container Home Out of 5 X 40ft

In the episode, we will see a Three-Story Container home out of 5 X 40ft containers located in Canada.

This Container home there’s a wood stick construction and then we used all the steel that was taken out of the interior walls of the containers to site it just to kind of keep that, that industrial look on the top two levels there you can see two containers and those are two deep so four in total we have the fifth container and that’s a vertical 40 footer for the stairwell all those containers are anchored to the foundation so there’s 72 inch and a quarter bolts into those pedestals there and there are 30 000 pounds.

There’s your bedroom so you have a king-size bed here and a bath with a shower and so one and a half bath and a washer.


This big 24-foot ceiling, the view is a surprise as walk down the hallway all that wood up there is from the 2015 Carlton complex fire and which was the largest fire in washing then a fire went through so it made some really cool colors so all the trim and the ceiling is basically a pine beetle ponderosa pine what you’re looking at here.

The kitchen here this is a steel top you got a nice hot plate for the stove these are all steel again that my friend and then these again are that ponderosa pine from the property that was milled up so we epoxied it having and we didn’t want people you know having to dig through tons of drawers so we kind of left everything exposed and kept that minimalist as well actually my biggest aha moment for the kitchen was these husky modular workbenches but it’s great.

In their room really nice hotel just how you could look at the view from the tub so that’s always a nice thing then the same with the shower if you do want to look at the view you have that option as well.

The master loft we guess you’d call it a queen bed and a couch to check out the view you get kind of this more open feeling so we don’t know kind of brings people together we think and can holler down at each other if you need.

 Container home

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