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AWESOME Rainbow Farm House Design

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In the episode, we will see AWESOME Rainbow Farm House Renovation located in Carolina.

The house calico in the Hudson valley we spent 15 years just hitchhiking all over the world so we went to about 100 different countries before that, we followed the grateful dead so we become fluent in school buses and living out in the woods.

the kitchen of this house

This is the kitchen which is always one of the most important rooms of the house where people hand out so we went to make it the most soothing color and it’s all everything is vintage mid-century seafoam green it starts with this little toaster we had and it spread like a contagion and them all the furniture just turned seafoam the house.

This is a dining table breakfast nook so when we moved up here from Brooklyn 12 years ago we looked at so many properties and one of the things that made us really fall in love with this specific one is because there was a woman who had lived here for 60 years.

the bathroom of this house

The bathroom is started out just as plain boring white and eventually gruesome plants and a little bit of stained glass a lamp of the house is so beautiful that we just want to keep the bathroom kind of calm and clean feeling so the kitchen of kind of the main thoroughfare between the font of the house.

In the room, you can see a Pacman machine then you can play a game with your friend and a beautiful dining table it’s very comfortable in here and bright.

the bedroom

This room is very nice over here we call it sky lounge because when everything in the house felt so pretty just made all out of old architectural salvage stuff that we kind of pieced together we also wanted a canopy bed when we were little so we finally after years of living in your backpack and sleeping.


This is where we sew we take sweaters and cut them up and make new sweaters out of them and sell them and sew sweaters this is the sort of thing make it this is old fisherman sweaters from the erin islands and stuff and so they’re pretty thinking and chunky and warm wool.


This is the room normally it’s full of sweaters but the sweaters come in and out like this light zen we really like empty rooms and feel like always doing our best to get rid of as much furniture and stuff but we keep collecting more but as your heart yearns for like clear open uncluttered space most people don’t realize that about they think that just want a lot of rainbows and stuff bit we actually really like clear clean crisp lines just with a lot of color on them.


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