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AWESOME Tiny House On a Farm is Really Cute

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In the episode, we will see Cute Tiny house on a farm is a young couple’s dream life located in United States.

This is the outside of the tiny house it is about 13-4 high and just under 13-6 we have eight feet wide and 20 feet long it’s built on a long Eagle Trailer and you can see the wall of the window it looks a sea Coast shanty the cedar shakes was a must-have for this New England style and we going to paint the trim as well and that’s pretty much the only maintenance that we have the massive window both sides really let’s lot of light.

the kitchen

The kitchen is pretty big takes up about a third of it we cook all the time we grow all of our veggies and so we utilize this all the time we love having our pans available this stove we got out of a camp in Colorado redid the whole inside this thing’s a beast foreign is really good to have a stove fridge and your sink all at one time so we don’t move or you can stand in one spot and cook.

The Living room you got a couch is very multi-use it’s our fermentation station we do a bunch of kombuchas we do a lot of canning all of our preserves go in there the side has all of our electrical and the whole house is off-grid now farm is off the grid so we pull our solar from the farm and you have some movies and TV so you can enjoy your movie.

Tiny house

the loft

In the loft you have a queen size bed up there we have a skylight all four windows go across sleeping up there it’s not too claustrophobic at all it actually feels like you’re sleeping outside but cozy you can close everything up in the winter time so over there at this side of the house.

Tiny house

the bathroom of the tiny house

In the bathroom, you also have a toilet and a plate to put your clothes the only place that you can actually close off and get some privacy the favorite part is the shower as Farmers you really need to clean off at the end of the day so having a nice live shower.

Tiny house

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