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In the episode, we will see an AWARD-WINNING ARCHITECTURAL GEM! Modern Luxury Home

Welcome to this home incredible architectural gem in Canada.

The Exterior

The exterior home is the black section with those massive windows on the top floor. All of the interior lights are now and you can see a little bit into the pool and outdoor area.

The First Bedroom

There is your gorgeous bed, you do have a large and the lights are on either side of the bed and some nightstands.

Everything is very modern, and there are plenty of towels and robes for you to enjoy in the pool, sauna, and hot tub. There’s also a bench, chair, and hangers along this wall.

The First Bathroom this home

This is your bathroom so you find a simple bathroom sink with a rounded mirror above it, right next to what is your shower. And last but not least, if you pull back this white sliding door, you can find your toilet inside here.

The Capsule Beds

There are five twin mattresses, and a simple and modern design for you and a kid so you can sleep too each of them has its light and outlets and a small shelf above.

And you can also even pull down a curtain for some added privacy when you’re trying to sleep at night. So it all looks like this beginning to wrap up now in this space.

The Remaining Bedrooms

All of these bedrooms have the same layouts just some of these rooms are oriented in the opposite direction in the opposite direction and you get a slightly better view of the pool.

The Second Bathroom

There are four bedrooms and bathrooms just like this. When you also factor in the capsule-style bed out in the hall, you can sleep up to 14 guests in total. Back in the hallway, you will see a laundry room when you open up the door.

The Sauna of this home

This is the last room on the ground floor. You have a very private view There’s then your stone heater there in the bottom left and enough seating for up to six guests total.


On the outside, you can see your huge hot tub on the left then your very private and fancy-looking pool area with a beautiful sunset.

The Kitchen on the second floor

There is a large kitchen it is a very high-end kitchen. There have three chairs and modern lighting fixtures that hang down from your very tall ceiling, and we also and The Wi-Fi is super faster in here.

There is your sink, right smack dab in the middle, and you can find your white fridge and freezer setup. and then fancy espresso machines Coffee beans are provided.


The Dining Area this home

This is a very gorgeous room you have this oak dining table and you can take in the view while enjoying a meal with your loved ones especially when the sun is beaming in perfectly. See this big, comfortable, sectional sofa.


There also has Smart TV so you can still enjoy all of your streaming providers.

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