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Artful Low-Impact Living in an Amazing Tiny House

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In the episode, we will see Artful Low-Impact Living in an Amazing Tiny House located in New York.

This Tiny house is 30 feet at the top but it is a very small space and it’s not a 28-foot trailer you have a piece of land or a place to put the house, and then the grid and self-sustaining.

The Kitchen

This kitchen space is very beautiful it was such an important part of our building designing our kitchen in this you got a fridge and the stove and sink so you can cook in here, and got a large window with beautiful views.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is basically the same size as a normal shower tapered the back corner and also tapered this wall so that it gives you a greater sense of space, and then the mirror and comfortable toiled.

Tiny house

The Living room of the Tiny House

In this living room so can see a couch and a beautiful wall in here.

Tiny house

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This is a master bedroom and you also have a king-size bed it is very gorgeous and you have a window too it can make this room bright and more cozy.

Tiny house

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