An injured, sick, and poisoned stray cat discovers its lucky star just in time.

Greeting, everybody! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will see “An injured, sick, and poisoned stray cat discovers its lucky star just in time.”

The month of April 2022 was marked by the spilled blood of a helpless cat. Injuries, poisons, diseases, dehydration… The unfortunate animal suffered in its corner and issued silent calls for aid, which, fortunately, were heard by the volunteers of the Nejma association.

The volunteers were able to help the animal. His benefactors went to extraordinary lengths to ensure his safety. Julie, the creator of the group, recalled this rescue with a great deal of emotion while speaking with the editorial crew of Narrative.

April 3, 2022. Julie, who is in charge of the Nejma association in Villard-Bonnot, Isère, had a disturbing phone call. An “invisible” man who was suffering in silence was observed by Clairanne, the guardian angel of a colony of felines at Péage-de-Roussillon.

Clairanne gazed down on the guy and saw him suffering. The tomcat was crouched in the shadows and appeared to be in a state of shock. Its body was thin and it had a gaunt appearance.

It was decided that Fabienne, one of the people who volunteered their time to contribute to the operation of the organization, would be the one to provide assistance to the suffering soul.

She was able to remove the hairball without any problem after spending 2 hours and 30 minutes in the car with her husband and then taking it to the veterinarian.

Due to the fact that she was in such poor health, she did not put up the tiniest amount of opposition when she was being handled.

” His eyes were glued together, and we thought it was a big coryza at first, but when we looked in them, we saw that they were filled with blood,” Julie said into the Woopet microphone. The veterinarian revealed that the patient had been poisoned by rats.

The animal was weak from fever, dehydration, and starvation, and it was using all of its remaining strength to try to survive. To make matters even worse, her delicate face was marred all over by a number of severe bruises.

A person who was tormented by malevolence had undoubtedly given him a great deal of harm…


Our interlocutor said, “They stayed an hour and a half in the cabinet, and the vital prognosis was engaged during that time.” The cat, which has not been named, was given an infusion as well as emergency treatment.

In particular, he was given vitamin K to aid in the fight against the poison that had taken up residence in his body. After he was discharged from the hospital, Fabienne, who had previously organized a foster family, took him back to his house. His struggle to defend his right to life had not yet been won…

A biography of Guy de Maupassant
According to Julie, ” Fabienne and her husband have created a hut with an outdoor enclosure for the cats that we rescue,” and she went on to say ” The Good Samaritan doted on her apprentice, who was later christened Maupassant, in the vain hope that she would be able to continue to feel his beating heart.

Since he was unable to feed himself, Fabienne took the time to feed him using a pipette in addition to administering his medication to him. This was necessary because he was unable to eat himself.

It wasn’t until a month had passed that Maupassant started to feel like he was getting back on his feet. Unfortunately, subsequent trips to the veterinarian revealed that the mustachioed was a victim of hypertension, FIV (AIDS), parrot beaks, and a very rare heart disorder known as asymmetric hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

All of these conditions contributed to the mustachioed’s death. ” This pathology does not put his life in danger, assured our source, and he also had injections of Solensia to fight against osteoarthritis and to help him regain a comfortable quality of life. “


After 10 months have passed since his historic rescue, our hero with the velvet legs has literally recovered. He went from weighing 5 kg to 8 kg, and he learned to appreciate the comforts of home.

Even though he is still receiving therapy and is still afraid of humans, he has a good time playing in the comfortable nest that his benefactress has built up for him. ” He has become a lot more jovial… but he has also gained weight! “Exclaimed with excitement the leader of the Nejma association.

After enduring a great deal of suffering and prevailing over death, Maupassant will not be made available for adoption. He has developed a special connection with Fabienne, and the two of them have decided to stay together.

” It is worth fighting for, and it gives us energy to continue, Julie explained as she came to the conclusion. Stories like these encourage us in our struggle. I admire Maupassssant because he is a tremendous warrior, and for that reason I have a lot of respect for him.


The star of good luck
In 2019, the Nejma association established its foothold in the terrain of Isère. Julie spreads her wings to fly to the rescue of “broken faces” with the assistance of her coworkers Fabienne, Léa, and Évelyne.

Many people walking by choose not to look at “broken faces.” The vast majority of the felines under this organization’s care test positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Others are afflicted with conditions such as leukoencephalopathy, calicivirosis, malignancies, or disabilities.

The issue is that it takes us a long time to locate homes for our cats because many of them are afflicted with AIDS, have physical damage, and are not necessarily friendly.

You should be aware that timid cats develop over time. Our interlocutor explained that the development of a genuine connection takes time and that in order to facilitate this process, our organization exclusively collaborates with host families and maintains a system of sponsorship.

Maupassant has not yet identified a godfather or godmother for his child…


In case you were wondering, the word “star” translates to “Nejma” in Arabic. A star that keeps a watchful eye over the “invisibles” and shines a light on their path to show them the way to the front door of happiness!

At the moment, a number of animals have fantasies about being the one to push her, including the lovely Electra, who is deaf and has just one leg. But that’s a different narrative that you’ll find out about on Woopets very soon.

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