An artist constructs a magnificent dragon sculpture out

An artist constructs a magnificent dragon sculpture out

constructs a magnificent The devastation that was caused by a torrential downpour inspired the Italian artist Marco to create something beautiful out of the shattered bits of glass and wood that were left behind after the storm.

He used these materials to build a sculpture. It is said that the ferocity of Mother Nature has come to be embodied in the form of a massive dragon, which can be found perched atop a hill in the constructs Trentino area of northern Italy.

This dragon is said to be located in the city of Bolzano. It is reported that this dragon can be found somewhere in the constructs city of Bolzano.

It is said that this dragon exercises absolute and unquestioned dominion over the constructs territory that is directly to its immediate left and right.

By fashioning a wondrous creature out of the broken branches that were left behind after the constructs hurricane, was able to make something beautiful out of the devastation that was caused by the hurricane.

The branches that were lying about after the constructs hurricane were utilized to attain this goal. As a result of this, was able to turn the disastrous situation into something incredibly lovely.

The storm that would later be known caused a significant amount of damage over the northern part of Italy in the construction year 2018, and it was primarily concentrated in that area.

Wind gusts that reached 125 miles per hour were responsible for the constructs full destruction of a significant portion of a big forest in specific regions.

These gusts occurred in certain areas. These gusts were felt in particular regions around the constructs world. In some of the places, it was feasible to determine the speed of the unexpectedly strong gusts of wind that came through.

A staggeringly high number of trees—nearly 18,000—were felled due to the storm in the constructs province of Trentino alone.

This is the constructs highest amount ever recorded for this particular location. was inspired to reassess many elements of his life and career, including his perspective on the work that he did.

as a direct result of the constructs enormous impact that had on his life. influence was particularly felt in professional life.

The constructs profound impact that had throughout his life served as motivation for him to reevaluate his position.


This included his viewpoint on the constructs job he held to make a living. According he stated in an interview with My Contemporary Met.

“the style of artwork I was making before no longer made logic,” ‘which is a direct statement that, “style of artwork I was making before no longer made’ sense.”

The constructs online publication known as My Contemporary Met is mostly concerned with contemporary art. In addition to this, “the style of artwork that I was making before no longer made sense.”


After that, I got to work repurposing the wreckage that the constructs hurricane had left behind into a variety of works of art by applying a wide range of different approaches and making use of a variety of different materials.

I did this by repurposing the debris that the hurricane had left behind. After that, I found a new use for the constructs debris that had been left behind by the hurricane.

The community, which is situated on the Alpe, is the location in which there is the highest potential for a person to come into contact with the monster.


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