Amazing Views from this Cozy and Modern Cabin

Amazing Views from this Cozy and Modern Cabin Imagine having your very own quaint cabin, complete with breathtaking vistas of the surrounding mountains, a trickling waterfall, and a bubbling creek.




And all the luxuries and conveniences you could possibly require. A well-liked neighborhood known for its cabins, lakes, and fishing ponds can be found in Cherry Log Mountain, which is home to Cherry Falls.


and hiking paths, among which is the Benton Mackaye. Right off of State Route 76 and only six miles away from the center of Blue Ridge, Cherry Log boasts an ideal location. Ellijay can be reached in nine miles.


The views were breathtaking, and we had a great time making use of the fire pit and the hot tub, watching the sunrise from the railway lines, relaxing on the porch, and discovering the beautiful surroundings in all directions.


The interior was equally beautiful, and we spent a wonderful time preparing meals and watching movies there.


The one drawback was that the creek and fire pit are located at the bottom of a steep walk leading down from the house; as a result, we didn’t explore the area around the house as much.


My favorite part was the jacuzzi, and I loved the view from the room every morning.


Our time spent in this cabin was wonderful in every way. It is both contemporary and rustic at the same time.

This log cabin is stunning and completely new.






This charming log cabin was just built, so it’s brand new. It is the ideal destination for a honeymoon or a romantic break for a couple, and it is also roomy enough for a family with two children to stay there and have a good time.


The Honeymoon Heaven may be found nestled away in a secluded spot just on the edge of the rushing creek.  The outdoor space is its very own small heaven, and the cabin itself is stunning, but the outdoor space is even more so.


The interior of the cabin is every bit as lovely and warm as the exterior.


The notion of an open floor plan is utilized, making the living and kitchen rooms completely open to one another.


The living room has a rocking gas log fireplace, a flat screen television with Direct TV subscription, a sitting area with a checker board table, and brand new comfortable leather sleeper sofa and chair.


The location is exactly as it appears and is described to be.



It was quite tidy, and it provided all of the amenities that one may require throughout their stay.


This cabin was excellent in every way. Everything that I had wished it would be and more. I used to really enjoy just sitting out on the balcony and listening to the sound of the sea.


This cabin was the ideal quiet little escape, complete with a creek that bubbled away in the background, a full kitchen, a fire pit, and a hot tub; it had everything you could want.


However, despite its accessibility, the lodge maintained its seclusion.


The cabin had a very fresh feel to it. We had a good time relaxing by the creek. Gina had a wonderful disposition.

Romantic Getaway at a Cabin with a Hot Tub





This brand new, ultra-modern, and luxurious Lover’s Lodge honeymoon cabin is ideal for a couple looking for a memorable and intimate break, but it can also accommodate a small family with up to two young children.


Come spend some time in the company of others in the cozy cabin that is hidden away in the woods.


The interior of the cabin is flooded with natural light thanks to the abundance of windows, which also provide a view. However, the cabin is mostly hidden from view due to its surrounding trees.


The format was appealing to the eye and very tidy. The hot tub was a wonderful addition! What a lovely and relaxed weekend that was.


Although this was our first time in the area, we had a fantastic time exploring it.


The cabin exceeded our expectations in every way. It was just what we needed.


At this location, we were able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest! The patio with the fire pit and the hot tub made it difficult to go inside.


The bathroom and tub size in the cabin was unlike anything we have ever seen or experienced before. The cabin had a lot of room.


Inside, the venue was even more beautiful than the photographs had suggested, and the cleanliness was impeccable.


This location is wonderful. We had such a wonderful day together. It looks much better in person than in the photographs. How serene it is.

The log cabin designed in a farmhouse style






At the Granbury Cabins at Windy Ridge, a modest and quiet sanctuary, there is a collection of log cabins that have been built in the style of a traditional American farm house.


The layout of the cabin’s floor plan is an open concept. As soon as you walk through the entrance door, you will see the bedroom as well as the area that is now being used as a sitting area.


There is an old hiking trail that can be found at the highest point of the property, and it leads to an observation point that provides a beautiful view.


The fire pit and grill that are positioned adjacent to the house can be used by the visitors as long as they provide their own firewood, charcoal, or any other supplies that may be required.


The warmth and tranquility of the cabin are in perfect proportion to one another.

Check out this site if you and your significant other are looking for a tranquil spot to spend some quality time together and get some much-needed rest.


The ambiance of the cabin is one that is friendly and comforting. We are looking forward to coming back during the winter months so that we may make use of the fire pit and the hot tub throughout our stay.


I needed some time away from the commotion of the city, and this cottage provided me with both privacy and a peaceful and calm environment to recharge my batteries.



This Cabin is relax For a stress-free getaway over the weekend, this cozy cabin was just what the doctor ordered.


The setting out in the country was lovely and perfect for getting some peace and quiet. We found that the areas of the house that had been decorated with eccentric elements appealed to us a lot.

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