AMAZING TREE HOUSE Built By Senior for Fun & Retirement

In the episode, we will YURT TREE HOUSE Built by Senior for Fun & Retirement located in the United Geneva, Florida.

This project that we built was a treehouse we built this about three years ago it has an elevator, as far as we know, it’s the only treehouse in the united states with an elevator and it has an interesting downstairs.

the hot tub

This is the hot tub level and we have a hot tub it’s built uniquely out of a cowling of a dc-10 you can see it in that picture over there that’s what it was made from it is a soaking tub it gets to about 101 degrees has a table in the centre for your wine bottle and you can talk to google if you like turn off the lights and google will play music for you if you like.

In here we have an outdoor shower it’s hot and cold water this time of year it’s a preference so that you can have a little bit of space in your shower a little more room you have some chairs to sit this is a great place if it’s raining it’s dry you’re underneath the yurt and it stays dry for if you’re just sitting out on a rainy day.

the down stair

The downstairs is a tiki hut with a grill and this is where you can prepare your meals if you like a fire pit where you can have a wood-burning fire if you like upstairs there’s a gas fireplace that’s the trail that leads off to the rest of the property.

Tree house

The treehouse deck we have an upper balcony that lets you look out over the rest of the property and watch the horses and the goats next door we have a gas fire pit out here that you can sit out here on a nice evening you’re amongst the trees the yurt was an interesting design because it gave you lots of space lots of overhead volume and it makes it a very comfortable stay.

This is the inside of my tree house as we build it we wanted to make you feel like you were amongst the trees and part of a tree house so we couldn’t put it around a tree so we actually built a tree.

Tree house

the kitchen of the tree house

The kitchen small but useful and has a bowl in the sink and then the bathroom has a real toilet, not a compost toilet real toilet and a small shower that has a few light fixtures behind it that make it sort of interesting it was made interesting the shower is made out of two sheep watering troughs.


Tree house

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