Amazing Tiny House with Beautifully Designed

In this episode, we will see The Amazing Tiny House with Beautifully Designed

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is located in Auckland, North Island, New Zealand this tiny house is about a half meter by eight meters and 4.25 high so it’s about 20 square meters and 26 if including the loft.

This tiny house material is cedar and Corrigan it’s pretty unique with the windows surrounding it that make this house feel bright and open and airy as well.

There is a patio space at the entrance and you got a dining table as well as some seating area so you can enjoy your dinner here and overlook the property.

The Living Room

The floor of this tiny house is the timer that’s recycled tower from an old Statehouse there is your comfortable couch right next to the wall below the window it pretty beautiful and cozy space to relax.

This couch can fold out as well to become a comfy bed right behind this bed is your other dining area with some seating options and then you got a fireplace area as well that makes this house feel warm.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is a perfect size for a tiny house the countertop is pretty huge with a deep and sleek sink right in the middle below the window and a coffee machine right behind and then your stovetop.Tiny house

There is a little fridge and some storage and drawers underneath the counter and right above that are your floating shelves on each side, to keep anything.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is the big bathroom space first section on the right side is your washer and dryer combo and then your vanity space with storage underneath and a composting toilet right behind and the last part is the full-size shower space.

The Loft

This is the last part of this tiny house there is a king-size mattress in the middle with low windows on each side, that bright tons of sunlight in and you got a big TV as well here.

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