AMAZING Tiny House In US

In the episode, we will see Tiny House with 4 Beds & Live Oak Tree located Dahlonega, Georgia, United States.

the exterior

This Tiny house has a tree growing right through the middle of it it is so cool, it is really beautiful at nature’s nook which is this modern designed tree house and looks the fern forest is really high up off the ground and basically eye level with the tree and pretty big diameter growing right in the middle of this thing it is so cool.

The out door space is huge there’s a dining table out here and right next to that even a small fire pit for you to enjoy and a tree growing right through the deck which i think is really cool and then on the other side we have an outdoor yeti are not cheap so you can grill out here and have your drink out here all at the same time it’s pretty.

The tree growing in the middle and you can see a bottom and top all around it so nothing can come in and nothing can really come out unless i shoved my hand through that but it believe that lets the tree be able to grow some still and nothing can come in and out they had to seal it somehow but with a growing tree that little.

the living space

Everything else in this living space is seating or bed options there are actually four beds fit into this tiny house which in awesome the main one is this queen bed over here tucked into this nook with some window on the side really comfortable and beautiful above that you can climb the white ladder and this reaches to the bed up top and then on the other side.

Tiny house

the kitchen

This kitchen is pretty small but everything you would need a small mini fridge a microwave your sink the beautiful countertop is really thick like a lot but you even have cabinets up above this and they leave some coffee supplies for you some s’more supplies for the fire pit out side.

Tiny house

the bathroom of the Tiny house

The bathroom space is a large bathroom so you got your toilet you got vanity next to that which he countertop matches the same in the kitchen a really cool mirror and some hanging light the lighting option in here are awesome and then you shower up in the wall which is pretty unique you have a waterfall shower head some window and there’s even this cubby on the black side that you can put stuff on top of while you’r showering like your shower.

Tiny house

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