Amazing Tiny House Grain Silo Conversion.

This episode will show an Amazing Tiny House Grain Silo Conversion.

This is a 500-square-feet tiny house Silo located in New Plymouth, Ohio, United States it kind of looks like they split a container in half and put it on each side, but it’s not a container.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is very unique design there are a lot of trees all around and you can see the hills around and the meadow behind this tiny house it’s a peaceful and private area.

The front of the silo landscape is just gorgeous it is about 500sqft living spaces and there are cedar wood accents all along the edges and the roof line.Amazing tiny house grain silo conversionThis front side has a couple of seating options out here to enjoy some morning coffee.

The Interior of the Tiny House

The interior of this tiny house is quite modern and luxurious there is a living space in the middle they got a leather couch and a coffee table.

Tiny house Tiny house Tiny house
Opposite of that is your entertainment area there is the black ship blab and the TV above that and then your fireplace below. Tiny house
On this side, is your kitchen area it’s a modern design and there is a countertop space with some cabinets below and your microwave, your shelf, and your refrigerator.

This is another part of your kitchen, there is your countertop space with a huge and deep sink and the gold faucet with the black cabinets below that.

The Living Room

This living room is very beautiful and modern there is a king-size bed in the middle, it very comfortable and then your nightstands on both sides, the black backing behind the bed looks great.

The is a full-size bathroom, there is your vanity on the right side with a clean and deep sink and some cabinets below that. On this side, is your toilet caddy cornered in this corner with a ship flop wall, and then your shower and all of this is just a clean bright look there’s a window and then the wallpaper on the wall it’s very unique and beautiful.

The Back Patio Area

The first section of this patio area is a couple of swinging chairs and then your firewood and right behind that is your hot tub it’s a huge hot tub.

On the other side, you got some outdoor seating, your grill, and your fire pit area are right behind this.

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