Amazing Tiny House Converted by the Old Backyard Shed

In this episode, we will see an Amazing Tiny House that was Converted from the Old Backyard Shed

Welcome to the amazing lovely tiny house that converts by the Michael family he was converted their backyard shed into a gorgeous tiny house that now they live in full time.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is very beautiful and lovely the porch area on the front side is give this house a little bit more space and you can spend more time outside.There is a lot of storage here the ceiling is quite high and there is a couple of chairs right here and then your beautiful door.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is just 280 square feet but you’ll not feel small because it’s super comfortable and the design is perfect.

The Kitchenette of the Tiny House

This is the pantry storage they keep the canned good and snacks in and then your full-size refrigerator and above that, you got storage as well to keep anything.

This is your countertop space you got a window right below that to let sunlight into this tiny house, there is a sink right below that with a black faucet.

There are a lot of cabinets in here and then your floating shelf to store your dishes and right next is your stovetop with a huge oven with some cabinets.

The Living Space

This living space is not too big there is a couch right next to the wall underneath the window so this couch can be a bed as well you just pull it down and it’s become a bed. This is your dining table it’s custom made and you can fold it down as well if you want to save space and then your TV and the storage below.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This is your full-size bedroom it’s the perfect design there is a queen-size bed right next to the wall with some pillows and you got a window as well to make this tiny house feel cozier.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is inside the bedroom there is a beautiful vanity space with a huge and bright sink and a mirror and then your drawers.On this section, is your full-size shower space with beautiful tiling and shower head and right behind that is your toilet it’s super easy to use.Tiny house

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