Amazing Tiny 100 ft² Off Grid Micro Cabin

In the episode, we will see an Extremely Tiny 100 ft² Off Grid Micro Cabin located in Portugal.

There’s a small area for storing some stuff, and then under is your towel and the book.

And the cabin has solar power a gravity-fed water system propane cooking and a fridge and a separate bathroom with a dry toilet for the shower it has a wood-fired hot water tank to show you the system works and how the cabin was built.

the bedroom

There is your bedroom it is so gorgeous and you also have a king-size bed and you can sleep with a couple and your friend here and in front of the bed you got a nice round window then it has air to come inside here can you also see a beautiful green tree too.


the kitchen

There’s a kitchen you so got a small sink here propane cooktop very basic and then below here it the fridge and that dishes and up here are just some of the kitchen essentials and then here’s a little vent for when you’re cooking the table is here the dining table what’s nice about this is that it also folds down if you need to clean or if you need a bit more space or anything over here is the kind of utility area so there’s the garbage.


And the outside of the top to bottom it’s covered with a shingle-type membrane on the outside of that it is covered with this woven heather mat which comes in a big roll and it’s placed on top it very perfectly and it makes this cabin more beautiful.

The bathroom of this cabin

The bathroom building so here you have a really simple dry compost toilet system what’s nice about this one is that shows you in the back there are basically two trays that capture the waste so when one of the trays is full this toilet seat can be switched to this area here and then this tray can be used while this one is being cleaned out here there’s a small sink the showers over here and probably my favorite part is this wood-fired water heater so this.


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