AMAZING The Off-grid River Cabin

In the episode, we will see the Off-grid river cabin located in Pike County, Mississippi, United States.

This river front cabin in pike county Mississippi is the perfect touch of modern in the middle of the woods with games of kayaking and beautiful nature this is a great place to disconnect and relax, underneath this cabin it really has that bachelor pad or guy getaway feel to it I love all of the rustic sign antique decorations.

On the side porch, they have a nice outdoor eating area a grill right behind that a cooler perfect for having drinks out here, and then a really neat outdoor bathtub but that’s pretty much everything on the exterior so gorgeous interior.

The kitchen

The kitchen is beautiful with the green cabinets and subway tile backsplash it’s got everything that you need to cook delicious meals and appliances across from this kitchen, the countertop, sink, and fridge.

The Living room

The Living room has a very classic and modern look they have a faux fireplace and a TV with a little face around it next to the TV they got some DVDs and a super nintendo to keep you entertained while you are here as well as a record player and ukulele for some music.

This is a built-in bunk bed over in this little nook and each of them has its own little bedside lamp and table with a little charging station for your phone which is super thoughtful.

Here they have a nice spacious bathroom in here they have a nice spacious bathroom with a really clever vanity mirror combo for the setup of this bathroom and then they have a full shower and tub with more of that subway tile.

The bathroom of this Cabin


The Bedroom of the Cabin

The main bedroom with a super comfy queen bed so you have a beautiful picture hanging on the wall and a big window view of the river.


The deck off to this side they have an outdoor eating area and then of my favorite spots in this outdoor seating area with the couch that every comfort and a swing so that you can enjoy this beautiful spot so if you want.


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