Amazing the Log cabin of the Country Chic

On his property is a magnificent example the log cabin of country chic architecture that was created by combining the conventional log cabin style of construction with masonry on the basement walls, along the sides, and of course, the chimney.

Even if the photographs below aren’t of the highest quality, we still wanted to share them with you so that you may get a fresh perspective on how the inside of a log cabin can be arranged. This is because there are a variety of ways in which a log cabin’s inside might be designed.


The Exterior

This specific log cabin has a total living space that is 2,690 square feet in size and is constructed of three levels. These levels include the main floor, a loft that is situated directly above it, and a walkout basement.

 It is a wonderful choice for either a home for a family or a vacation destination because it has three bedrooms in addition to two and a half bathrooms. This makes it a versatile selection.

The skip-peeled logs on the home give it a rustic feel, and together with the metal roof, stone accents, and chimney, they bind the area together to produce a coherent structure.

That is both beautiful to look at and provides a vast amount of space for family and guests to enjoy themselves in while they are there.


The front of the house has a quaint small covered porch, which may be accessed by the staircase that leads to the front entrance of the house.

The actual porches of the house may be found on either the front or the rear of the structure.

You may also have noticed above that there is a  log cabin stone breezeway connecting the two buildings, in addition to a connected two-car garage that is related to the first structure. Both of these features can be seen above.


Even though the front porch isn’t very big, there is still enough space on it for a couple of chairs if you want to make use of them.

If you do decide to make use of the log cabin chairs, however, the porch won’t be very comfortable for very long. In addition to that, it has a lot of high open areas, which give the illusion that it’s a little bit bigger than it is.

The Interior

When entering this house via the front door, one is instantly presented with access to the open floor plan that constitutes the primary living space.

You can locate the set of stairs that go to the top level if you look to the side of the doorway that leads into the building.

While the living area and the great room are located directly in front of the entry, the kitchen may be found on the opposite side of the doorway.


The outside of the log cabin has porches on all four sides, one of which houses the fireplace. These porches are accessible from the inside of the house as well.

This great room space has the usual windows that you would expect, in addition to an attractive combination of unfinished woodwork and walls that are a light shade of green as highlights.


On the second floor, the open loft area that serves as the level’s focal point is flanked on all sides by rooms.

Because of this configuration, the second floor of the house is distinct from the rest of the house, even though it is still connected to the first level.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The living area is located right behind the kitchen, which has a beautiful island bar as the main center of the room.

It is a lovely feature that may be added to the dining room, but it is also a separate space that, if the user so chooses, can serve as a breakfast nook. Even though it is an excellent complement to the dining area, it is yet a distinct location.


Upstairs reading Room

A cozy alcove can be found in the open portion of the loft located on the upper level. This alcove looks out the log cabin directly over the front entrance. This particular spot may be found in the open section of the loft.

The log cabin Those individuals who like reading in solitude or working from home will find this location to be excellent.


The baby’s room is located on the second floor, within one of the rooms. This is where you will discover the nursery. It is a more sizable room that may, at a later point in time, perhaps be turned into a bedroom for the children easily and quickly.


The Bathroom of the log cabin

Each of the bathrooms in this property is equipped with the bare necessities, including a toilet, a vanity, and a combined shower and bathtub like the one represented below (see below for a visual representation of these facilities).

You will also discover a variety of log cabin alternatives in the master en suite, which, in addition to the other pleasures that are supplied, has a soaking tub for your enjoyment.


The log cabin Since you now have access to a luxurious master bathroom, you are free to engage in activities that promote self-care while also devoting some time to pampering yourself.

the Log cabin


Where you can take a break, relax, in the log cabin and engage in some self-care. The installation of this tub is a positive development, and everyone ought to feel at liberty to make use of it at the end of the day for a relaxing soak after having worked hard all day.

The Master Bedroom of the Log Cabin

This master bedroom of the log cabin is spacious and bright, with brick walls and wooden beams that are exposed, windows that lead out to terraces, and a separate entrance that is located off to the side of the room.

the Log cabin


Private Workspace

The log cabin also has a personal workstation or home office, which, depending on your requirements, may either function as a sitting room or a separate place for the family.

In addition, there is a separate dining room on this property, and it provides seating for a maximum of six guests.

the Log cabin


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