AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home

In the episode, we will see an AMAZING Modern Living Space – Tiny Home located in Canada.

The Tiny House has a backyard and is close to the store and other services inside its open-concept studio witan has an incredible interior design we think this place is really interesting because it has everything you need.

The Kitchen

There’s the kitchen is very modem with wooden countertops in features in the kitchen the kind of the farmhouse double ceramic sink and all the exposed shelving with metal pipes there’s a small convection oven and a microwave up top and there’s also a bar fridge at the bottom with a clear glass door so the island here as we mentioned is one of the seating areas.

The Bedroom of the Tiny home

In the bedroom, there’s a queen-size bed here and on the wall, there’s a giant painting that’s kind of like a mural and that makes the space feel much bigger than it is and we actually really like this painting it’s a bit modern and edgy and it contrasts nicely with the farmhouse look of the space to defines the bedroom.

Tiny home

The Bathroom of the tiny home

The Bathroom in the corner here’s it the only room in the space that’s separated by a wall and there’s a sliding barn door which is another nice rustic accent in the bedroom, there’s a regular flush toilet and a corner shower with a glass door and floating vanity which makes the small The bathroom feels a little bit bigger.

Tiny home

The Living room of the home

The living room and which is one of the larger spaces and they’ve used a big area rug to kind of define the living room the space has a few different functions so it is a seating area with a large couch and a chair it’s also the lounge and TV room and the space can also be converted into a guest bedroom.

Tiny home

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