Amazing log cabin Moon-A-Chalet In North Carolina

Welcome to Log Cabin explore the Moon-A-Chalet at Blowing Rock, which is located in the town of North Carolina, in the United States of America, and uncover the secrets and marvels that are hidden within its walls.


The Living Area

You will find a Danish Rais wood burner in the living room of the log cabin, in addition to a Samsung Smart TV that comes pre-wired with cable television. Both the fireplace and the firewood necessary to keep it going are provided for you.

If you plan to stream anything, you should be sure to bring your credentials with you so that you may log in and continue using the accounts you normally use.

log cabin

Because it is equipped with a variety of board games, playing cards, a chaise lounge sofa, and blankets, the log cabin is an excellent spot for taking naps in the afternoon or watching movies by the fireplace.

In addition, there is a selection of books for people who would want to spend the afternoon reading, as well as a selection of essential oil spritzers that may be used to maintain the vitality of the atmosphere.

log cabin

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

You will find a kitchen that is well stocked and ready for you to create any meal or snack in the space that also houses the dining nook. This kitchen is located in the area that also houses the kitchen.

The kitchen is well stocked with a selection of oils and spices, has a rack for drying dishes, and is outfitted with a Keurig K Duo coffee maker, as well as a French Press and a pour-over option, all of which can be used with the K Cups that are provided.

It is possible to have a leisurely breakfast in the dining nook in the morning or a romantic meal in the evening, and there is a storage room for cleaning supplies tucked away beneath the sink.

log cabin

In the bathrooms, the visitors have access to a variety of Aveda bath products, such as shampoo, body wash, and lotion. These items were created by Aveda.

We believe that a kitchen that is suitable for a family would be a fantastic addition to any property, but we find that it is especially exciting to hunt for kitchens like this one in log homes.

This is because log cabins tend to have more character and charm than other types of homes. The stain on the log cabinets appears to be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, however, the stain on the granite countertop is noticeably lighter.

The area looks great thanks to the appliances made of stainless steel, and the island that includes the stools offers some additional seating that can be used as a breakfast nook or for you to enjoy your morning coffee.

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