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Welcome to Log Cabin may have a look at the inside of the Ridge Top Lodge, which is a private mountain lodge that has a hot tub and views of the mountains that are situated in the surrounding region.


Not only does the Ridge Top Log Cabin include one bedroom and one bathroom, but it also has the capability of accommodating a maximum of two guests at any one time.

The Living Area

Even though we do not have a large number of photographs of the inside of the building, there are a few items that we would like to share with you that we believe are of considerable interest.

In the beginning, the entrance leads straight into the house, which includes a loft that is located on the highest level, stairs that are located on the left side of the house, and of course, this living room that is located in the front of the house.

Having a living room area that is sunken into the floor is without a doubt one of the characteristics of this living space that we like the most. This is without a doubt one of the highlights of this living space.


In addition to serving as a structural addition, the installation of entire open log beams over the roof of the room helps to ensure that the area maintains its overall rustic character. This is because the beams are exposed to the air.

Not only does a stone fireplace that is strategically placed in the middle of the log cabin serve as a source of warmth, but it also functions as a statement piece that contributes to the overall coherence of the plan.

The Dining Area of the Log Cabin

We think the seamless transition that takes place between the kitchen and the dining area is one of the parts of the layout that I find to be very attractive.

If more seating is required, there are chairs located below the window that can be pulled out and extended to accommodate more people. To make this process easier, the table may be moved out of the way and enlarged.

log cabin

The presence of this, in addition to the wonderful wood log cabinets and storage that surround the area, makes it an excellent location for the family to congregate anytime they wish to dine together.

To provide room for additional sitting on one side of the kitchen island, the bar that is located on the island has been placed at an angle.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

These natural treasures are not the only ones that may be discovered in the area. From where you are now standing, you will discover the bedroom on the main floor, which has its very own private deck entrance.

This bedroom is located just around the corner from where you are currently standing. This room contains contemporary aspects, such as the existence of a television that is positioned in the corner of the room, but it also maintains the rustic character of the space,

log cabin

If this room is any kind of indicator, the further bedrooms and baths that are going to be constructed after this are going to possess a stunning appearance.

This is such a beautiful structure that can be used for day-to-day living as a family or transformed into the ideal holiday place to spend time in. Both of these possibilities are possible.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

As a result of the fact that it has a shower that is tiled, a multitude of wood accents at various spots around the space, and magnificent storage spaces, the bathroom is an exceptional addition to the log cabin.

log cabin

The bathroom is an excellent addition to the log cabin, and this is something that should go without saying.

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