Amazing Log Cabin Has Beautiful Work With A Modern Kitchen

Welcome to Log Cabin the Bear Rock home is a magnificent one-of-a-kind dwelling that was constructed in the fashion of a typical log cabin from the ground up, but it has an abundance of luxury throughout its whole.


It was designed to seem as though it had been moved straight out of a fairy tale. A room that can be used throughout the year, wraparound porches, and a lovely basement that is excellent for hosting get-togethers.

The Front Porch

Because it has a spectacular space that is suitable for porch swings or rocking chairs and a traditional handcrafted log railing that runs the length of the front porch, the front porch is just as cozy and inviting as the rest of the property.


This is because the front porch features a magnificent area that is great for porch swings or rocking chairs.

The Living Area

The kitchen, dining room, and living area on the main level are all open to one another and flow into one another without any limits or separation between them.


A roomy sectional couch can be found in the living room, and a dining table can be found in the space that is between the sofa and the kitchen.

Components like the handcrafted hutch that has been mounted on the wall are only there to lend a hand in bringing the overall concept to completion.

The Dining Table

When seen from this vantage point, it is plain to see that the stone fireplace that is positioned in the center of the house serves the function of warming not just the living room but also the dining room and the kitchen as well.


The fact that you can see up to the second level from where we are has a significant effect on us. This is because we are standing on the ground level.

Both the fact that it is partly enclosed and the fact that it also has some open sections give the impression that the log cabin is bigger and more welcoming than it is. This is because both factors contribute to the fact that it has some open areas.


The Kitchen

Although the kitchen, the living room, and the dining room are all situated on the same level, the ceiling in the kitchen is lower than the ceilings in the other two rooms, which results in the kitchen having a cozier and more private ambiance.

Even though it still maintains its link to the natural environment, the region presents an impression of greater seclusion as a consequence of this factor.


One of the features that I like about this island is the fact that it has shelves on one side of it, which will allow me to store my cookbook collection in this area.

In addition, we believe that the incorporation of black hardware and decorations into the light green log cabinetry makes for a fascinating contrast that piques our curiosity. This combination of stainless steel appliances and light green log cabinets combines both.

It all comes together well to provide a beautiful design that is not just pleasant and inviting but also practical. This is a fantastic design.


Have a peek inside these really elegant closets. The combination of exceptional craftsmanship and a delightfully contemporary design has produced an environment that has been established to be especially ideal for preparing your favorite family meals.

This has come about as a consequence of the combination of the two factors. This design is set against the background of logs that have a more rustic appearance.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The top level of the house has several really lovely bedrooms that are spacious enough to accommodate beds, cupboards, chests of drawers, and even a couple of chairs. These bedrooms are located on the floor that overlooks the backyard.

log cabin

Because it has a dark theme that contrasts with the light wood, this is my favorite bedroom. It also includes a fireplace in one of the corners of the room. In addition to it, a gloomy atmosphere prevails. Simply breathtaking in terms of its attractiveness!

The Private Office

In addition to a separate workroom, we like the fact that this log cabin includes a specific area that can be used as an office. This is one of the features that we treasure the most about it.

We give it a lot of credit for having shelves, drawers, and storage space all over the place, which makes it suitable for any number of tasks you may be able to conceive of.


It looks to be set up perfectly as a place for crafters, and we particularly appreciate how storage is provided anywhere there is space in the room.

The Downstairs of the Log Cabin

There is, without a shadow of a question, an additional excellent area available below, and the bar that is housed there is perfect for hosting a variety of occasions that you may be thinking about.

log cabin

A private alcove that is big enough to accommodate a couch, a couple of bar stools, and even a little table.

Additionally, if you look closely at the backdrop, you’ll see that several bunks have been pushed up against the wall. This can be seen if you focus your attention on the background.

The Outside of the Log Cabin

When people talk about having a “four-seasons room” in their house, what they often mean by using the term “four-seasons room” is a room that can be used during the course of the whole year.

log cabin
This teeny-tiny enclave is a part of the log cabin, but it also extends onto the yard, making it the perfect spot to relax in the warm sunlight and read a good book on a beautiful day during the warm months of the year when the weather is nice.

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