Amazing Log Cabin, And You’ll Definitely Enjoy The Jacuzzi

Welcome to The rolling hills that are all around this log cabin help to provide an even more lovely environment for it. The Shiloh is a log cabin that has been converted into a great family home and features everything you could ever think of, in addition to much more.


A family with children would be well served by purchasing a log cabin that has a walkout basement, an open floor plan on the main level, and a small loft on the second story.

The Back Porch

As you make your way up to the front porch, you will come to the realization that your feelings for this person are becoming more intense with each step that you take.

As you get closer to the porch, you will find yourself wanting to spend more and more time with this person.


This setup is ideal for a friendly greeting, whether it’s because of the bright color of the front door or the spacious porch space that has plenty of room for swings, rocking chairs, and other types of outdoor furniture. Either way, guests are sure to feel right at log cabin.

In spite of the fact that you will be shielded from precipitation by the extended roof that is positioned over the porches, you will still be able to enjoy the open and airy atmosphere that you like the most.

Because there is more than enough space in this area to accommodate seating, swings, or even a small table, it is the ideal location from which to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise or a glass of wine in the evening while observing the sunset.

The living Area

You have the option of unwinding on any one of the three storeys that are included inside the log cabin. The bedrooms are set on either side of the open floor plan that is located in the center of the main level.

The great room has a classic window wall along with French doors that go out onto the terrace that is situated at the back of the property. This creates a lot of natural light, which is something that appeals to us.


You have access to such a great space and area, which you can transform into the ideal living room for you and the people you care about simply changing the seating arrangements.

A stone fireplace in the living room, such as the one seen in this photo, is one of my favorite additions to any home, but in especially a log cabin.


This specific fireplace is one of my favorites. Even the simplest of rooms may be elevated to a level of opulence and privacy that is inaccessible to the outside world with the help of this feature.

On the other side of the great space, you’ll discover a kitchen and dining room that are both open to one another and link to a loft that is also open on the higher level.


We enjoy how everything is open to each other and how it doesn’t give the idea that you’re squeezed into a little location because of how open everything is to one other.


The Dining Table of the Log Cabin

Cathedral ceilings make it possible to have gorgeous windows positioned above them, which let in a substantial quantity of natural light. Cathedral ceilings are often seen in older buildings.


Because the floor plan is open, it is easy to construct a living area that is both cozy and expansive, and it may even include a dining space that is next to the kitchen.

This is all made possible by the fact that the floor plan is open. This arrangement works well for entertaining visitors or consuming meals with one’s family.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

This kitchen has a comfortable L-shaped arrangement, with the appliances lined up along one wall and the cupboards dispersed around the room in various locations.

Additionally, this island in the middle of the room has a second sink in addition to space for you to slide in a few stools in order to easily create a breakfast nook for the youngsters.


We really like how the brighter log cabinets show out against the darker wood, but the teal accessories add even another brilliant flash of color that makes the area appear cozier and more welcoming.

A table with extension options may be found directly below the loft and diagonally across from the kitchen. Even though it is not a standard dining room, it is relatively simple to transform it into a space that can host a dinner party for anywhere from six to eight people.


The Upstairs Bedroom

They have a bed up in the loft, but you could just as easily convert this sort of space into a home office for yourself, a reading nook for your children, or a gaming room that is exclusively for them.


The Master bedroom

The fact that the master bedroom of this log cabin is situated on the ground floor is one of my most favorite new aspects about it. It is a very open space, yet there are a few details tucked away here and there that turn it into a true refuge.


A bed is pushed up against the front wall, and there are bedside tables on both the left and right sides of it. A breathtakingly beautiful white vanity can be found just across from the bed.

log cabin

You may add storage shelves or other decorative features to the walls of this bedroom, but they could simply be left blank for a more simple and welcoming appearance.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

Accent walls are common, and in this home, the same shade of teal that is used as an accent wall in the kitchen is carried over to the master bedroom to offer a uniform appearance throughout the log cabin.

To illustrate this point, the kitchen and the master bedroom share the same accent wall color. The bathroom’s rug, wall, and decorations, as well as the clock and seat, all include varying hues of teal. Also teal is featured in the bathroom’s floor.

log cabin

Nevertheless, the ultimate crowning glory of this cottage has to go to the main bathroom, which is outfitted with both a stunning tiled shower and a separate soaking tub.

If you are seeking for elegance and a soothing spa experience, you have found the ideal location for both of those things right here!

log cabin

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