Amazing FOLDING Tiny House Built with Reclaimed Material

In the episode, we will see Amazing FOLDING Tiny House Built with Reclaimed Material located United States.

the exterior of this tiny house

We’re visiting a really unique 15 foot long tiny house with wings the wing are actually two swinging bump outs that can be opened when the tiny house is parked and they widen the home from eight and a half feet to 12 feet wide, so it becomes almost square it’s build with nearly a hundred percent recycled and reclaimed materials and the beautiful wood work including custom windows and doors was all lovingly handcrafted in BC.

Tiny house

the kitchen

The kitchen is wired as a single appliance so it just plugs right in to the wall and then that powers the counter light the toaster oven whatever you choose to have any appliances yeah and the induction cooktop on the button of the wing there’e two place on where the wing there’s two places on where the hose goes in then on where you can attach a PVC and continue greywater to wherever you desire.

Tiny house

There is a lounge area basically this is a big storage area the panel the electrical panels panels at the back but the build open like that so you can put all your firewood in here notice a few day worth of the fire wood there.

the bedroom

This is a double bed all the glass appears tempered as well so it’s pretty nice in here you can lay it out and you can see that star is really when you’re in the bed ya didn’t build a bathroom because it’s too small i feel like a would just be a weird to have bathroom this is like a really open space and that kind of what the design was for but on salt springs people mostly live on community farms with something like this .

Tiny house

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