AMAZING Earth ship-Style Passive Solar Home for 10 Years

In the episode, we will see an AMAZING Earth ship-Style Passive Solar Home for 10 Years located New York.

The grid for over 10 years to build an off-grid home really started years before I designed and built this home was living in Seattle and working as a structural engineer in the residential building industry.

The Kitchen of the home

The kitchen is very beautiful it has a standard propane stove a sink a tub and a washing machine and have a good size so you can see a large countertop and for ​Cooking, we have tons of storage space from cupboards this place is very comfortable and you have everything you need.

The Bathroom of the home

This is your bathroom so you can see a composting toilet we chose a composting toilet because water is really precious here in the desert Southwest and we just didn’t want to be flushing good water down a drain the other reason is that a septic system in our location would have been very expensive.

This is an office space and it has a lot of storage as well on the table, you can see a MacBook and the lamp it is the best place for you good to work.


The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom has a lot of space and an extra closet in this bottle art masterpiece is really a demonstration of the talent that came to my while, and you also have a king-size bed here it is very comfortable and you can sleep with a couple.


The Living room

This your living room is very bright and you can see a smart TV For watching a movie with your friend and your family then a natural plan near the TV   in the living room to make it minimal but cozy.


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