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AMAZING Tiny House In Canada

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In the episode, we will see a This Spacious DIY Tiny House with Transforming Furniture located in the Canada.

the exterior

This Tiny house we build it during a year and a half helped to build it’s a 24 feet long tiny house, which is made of a 2×4 wood structure supported by a metal arch that we had because here in the winter there’s a lot of snow, so we wanted the roof to be sold so it’s a 13 feet high and 8 feet wide.

We have the sofa that we made in the living room that can be turned into a bed, so you have three parts, you can have the modulation that you want, You can make it like a sofa or make a second bed you just need a mattress in the second part.

And then this is a dining room part so we had copper string here and you can take the cable and put it like this here you have your dining table, we have a dining table that can flip up and that is supported by a copper pipe the advantage is that we can just sit under the table without being bothered by the feet of the table.

the kitchen of this Tiny house

We also cook with propane and we heat water with propane which goes into the kitchen sink and into the shower about the water system of the tiny house, we have an under sink big water system of the tiny house, we have an under sink a big water tank

Tiny house

the bathroom

There’s a pocket door for the bathroom which made room for this small storage space for toiletries and the bathroom items for the shower, we used a mini bathtub so we don’t need the shower door we used a shower curtain instead of a shower door it was also very practical to have a bathtub for a baby, we choose toilet for practical and environmental reasons.

Tiny house

the loft of the Tiny house

The celling height in the loft allows us to sit up in bed we also have storage inn this cantilevered space we built some smaller storage behind the bed and that also gives us some time to lean against in bed for reading and talking in the view from up here, even in the morning, we choose window size not only for the look also for practical reasons.

Tiny house
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