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AMAZING Container House style Japan Never Seen

In the episode, we will see AMAZING Container House style Japan Never Seen located in the United States southwest.

We start to build to shipping container house because it was something different something new it started out as a joke with some friends they going to be a mobile home park or something like this even though we say the shipping container house it’s more livable than you know, the idea of shipping containers is been in the import-export business for 20 years now we always you know seem stories on it first we were going to do only 2000 square foot the city won’t open to certain things so the more that they try to keep me from doing things you know the more it gives energy.

Inside the shipping container, we have a 20-foot container and you notice they’re all high cubes so they’re nine and a half feet tall of those but you know it’s pretty tall so we walk up the stairs and there are 11 shipping containers we know 840s and 320s but this wall is only one of four all in the house that is not made of the shipping container.

This is an office area and this is one 40-foot container it goes from here all the way back there the difficult part is how you connect it to the wood so you can have a large circle window it is so beautiful with the view outside and the very nice wallpaper on the wall and you can work or relax in here.

This room we design like japan style it’s as true to how it looks if you were to go to japan as much as we made it the only difference is it’s in a 25 shipping container the mats are real tatami mats like they have in japan and they’re set a certain way too they’re just no just thrown in here stuff like this you know came from japan.

This bedroom has a lot of nuances of frank lloyd wright he uses a lot of wood in his house and again this outdoor wood that we bought and left in here for a month and a half until it dried up, the wallpaper so this is a photo from a famous garden in japan we decided to print it out put the wall so we have a wallpaper around the house.

This is your bathroom the sink came from overseas and then this actually came from Indonesia it was somebody’ door it’s dated back to the 1500s basically when we built this house we literally didn’t have a pant door there came to the point where my guy he couldn’t cut the container yet.

This is a living area that’s the 40-foot container the bar the dining the cooking area so this first part is a fully stocked bar that’s a container selling there and that’s drywall it takes a lot of time but somebody had to cut each piece you know out of drywall so you can see you know there’s a little steampunk look in here.

This is a restaurant kitchen not legal in a normal home but here it’s okay because we have metal we use this type of tile which doesn’t melt sometimes when we have guests over we just close this that’s the pantry the refrigerator everything’s hidden in there this table was made by self and another guy at one o’clock in the morning we bought home depot 60-pound creep bags 32 of them and we just pin a wheelbarrow and we dumped it in here and smooth it out and sand it quite a few times.

This is a teak root you know a thousand-year-old teak root but it’s illegal to export teak from Indonesia now so they go back in and they dig up these roots to sell and then this actually came from the local rockery so it’s just a piece of flagstone and a friend of mine he carved it out or me we just hooked it on to our plumbing and call it a day.

The kid’s room is made of three 40-foot shipping containers because of the coven you know they have a study form online from home so this is where they sat to study it’s a nice circle window this also cantilevers out from a circle window all the way down to the artwork down there kid drew that’s a 40-foot container.

This is your kid’s bathroom and this is so beautiful you also have a full bathroom in here.

This is your kid’s bedroom so you have a king-size bed in here there’s very cool and bright by the large window so the kids and sleeping and studying over here and you can see a bigger Map on the wall, this room is very beautiful and very nice.


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