Amazing Cave House With Unique Interior Design

In this episode, we will see an Amazing Cave House With Unique Interior Design

This is the first cave house built within the last 20 years in the entire Midwest this is a unique home and it’s just incredible and sits on 34 private acres at Dunlap Hollow.

this cave house is about 1500 square feet of living space it’s taking this large recess cave it’s not a cavern it’s a recess cave and they converted it into this incredible home.

if you look up you can see the rock formations all above it trees are growing on top of your house right here and it just looks stunning it looks like something from a movie this is incredible
All this front-facing side is all glass for some good lighting inside the cave house which will be needed because these are the only windows inside the cave house.
If we take a closer look at the exterior they built it all along the natural formation of the Rock and it gives us a natural look to the cave on the front side you got this huge patio space there is a fireplace right here to enjoy a nice campfire in the cave and on the other side, you got the hot tub as well.
whenever you walk inside this place is just jaw-dropping the exposed cave walls all over the ceiling all over the back walls as well as even in the bedrooms whenever we get in there this is just such a cool look and it feels just amazing.
The theme here is dark Academia with these Gothic arches everywhere on the left side, there are some comfy couches and a little table.
This is the wall of the bookshelf the Walnut Wood looks incredible with the gothic arches and of course, all of these books, and even have a fireplace over here against the window it’s just perfect.
This kitchen is jam-packed with awesome stuff this island is right here in the Middle with your sink and the countertop is a textured black and there are cabinets on both sides actually for optimal storage.
This is the main countertop space there is a four-burner-cooktop it’s a gas stove right underneath this countertop there are lots of cabinets and a full-size fridge right behind that.
On this section is your dining area there is a dining table right here it’s pretty long with these chairs so you can enjoy your meal here with your friends and family.
This is your first bedroom there are windows, of course, your bed is right here on this right side, and there are nightstands and some lighting on each side.
Walkthrough this sliding door is your private bathroom here you have a full bath setup the claw foot bathtub.
Right up against this corner is pretty cool and then your full-size shower right behind and a toilet.
This is the main bedroom space this one is very beautiful the wallpaper is very cool there is a bed on the middle side, and facing the rock.
This is your second bathroom space it’s in the main bedroom it’s very spacious you got a vanity on the right side, and then your toilet and full-size shower on the other side.
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