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Amazing Bus House on The Beach

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In this episode, we will see an Amazing Bus House On the Beach

This Amazing bus house is located in Taupo Bay, New Zealand it’s near the beach as well with panoramic ocean views it’s such a perfect place to relax and reset your mind.

The Exterior

This tiny house is about 50 square meters the bottom level is 2.4 by 12 meters and then the collapsible top is about 15 square meters.

The exterior of this house is pretty unique it’s built by bus and you got an extra deck as well which is a good area for enjoying your time with the property, you got a hammock here and dining as well and then a fire pit area on the other side.

Inside the Bus House

Walk inside this bus house you will get feel cozy and comfortable and bright and airy and clean and open at the same time there are a lot of good bones and wood here.

The Living Room

There is a comfy couch next to the wall with some pillows and a guitar right behind it and a bookshelf and storage and your fireplace area as well this space is super comfortable.

The Kitchen

This kitchen is pretty unique and rustic there is a long countertop right below the huge window there is a gold sink and a coffee maker and some floating shelves and everything you need.

There are a lot of drawers and storage underneath the counter and on the other side, you got dining with some seating area to enjoy your meal.

The Bathroom

This is a super tiny bathroom but it’s a nice size for a tiny house you got a vanity on the right side, and then a full-size shower right behind and then your composting toilet.

The First Bedroom

This is the first bedroom space it’s a tiny bedroom you got a little bed on the right side, right next to the window, and a nightlight right above, and then some floating shelves for your books.

The Second Bedroom

This is your second bedroom is the same size as the first one and you got a little bed on the right side with a window right behind and some storage on the other side.

The Third Bedroom Space

This is your last bedroom space is not similar to the other bedroom so you got a queen-size mattress on the right side and a nightlight right above and a skylight window as well.Bus House

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