Amazing A-frame with a fireplace

The Malbec A-frame Cabin in the Sierra Qatari offers a cozy atmosphere, complete seclusion, and an intimate connection to the surrounding nature. The cabin was designed to provide guests with the highest level of luxury while also fostering a closer relationship with the outdoors.



Everything was excellent, the setting was immaculate, and the reception was friendly. The cabin service was really attentive to both my wife and I, and they took excellent care of us.

Fantastic location for individuals who value their alone, proximity to nature, and sense of seclusion. Because Flavia and the rest of the family are so kind and kind, we are made to feel quite welcome in their home.

The A-frame is quite homey, and the water in the shower, faucets, and bathtub is kept at a very comfortable temperature. There is a waterfall and hiking trails on the acreage that the property is situated on, so the scenery is really stunning.

The location of this A-frame is wonderful, and all of the amenities, including the fire place, the sound system, and the television, as well as the internet, which has decent coverage and is easy to navigate, the hot tub, and the scenic lighting, are all excellent.

The location is stunning, and all of the arrangements worked out beautifully. It’s like we never left. Both the paved road and the unpaved road leading up to the cabin are in excellent condition.

A Cheerful Cabin with an A-Frame



You will be met by a traditional A-frame building that dates back to the 1970s and is decorated with unique touches of colour and furniture.

The property has an excellent location, as it is perfectly situated between the centraliser of Denmark, tall Karri trees, and a beautiful ocean beach. This makes for an ideal setting.

You could spend the day exploring the rough beaches, walking fantastic trails, or going to the local vineyards, and then come back to our lovely cottage to unwind when the day is done.

This vacation spot is perfect for families or small groups of friends who enjoy spending time together on their getaways.

This A-frame cabin is known for its warm hospitality and provides a beautiful setting in which guests can relax and unwind from their busy lives. In addition to that, the location is really convenient.

Spending the night at the cottage was a delightful experience due to its quaintness cosiness. It was obvious that a lot of thought and concern had gone into every aspect of the cabin, from the décor to the bedding and the couches.

The A-frame is such a special place, and it has become an important component of both of our individual stories as a result.

Because they did such an amazing job making it look like a home away from home, it was really challenging for me to leave and go back to the one I normally live in.

the gorgeous personal touches and wonderful linen that were dispersed throughout the entire home. The warm and welcoming wood fire was just what we needed on those chilly and wet days that we had.

The House is a new hotel by the name of Lois LAS CROZAS.



The inside has been very nicely done, and all of the furniture, fixtures, and appliances are of a quality that is appropriate for the high standard that has been set.

A fantastic option for a place to stay. The micro home was fantastic, and it was equipped with a lot of features that provided comfort and convenience.

You just cannot let the chance to try Valeria’s superb cuisine pass you by if you are a guest in this establishment.

The scenario is as picturesque as it gets, with a log home situated such that it looks out onto the breathtaking nature of the Auvergne region.

When we arrived, the building had been recently cleaned, and the folks who worked there were really friendly and pleasant.

As I indicated before, the bed was incredibly comfortable, and if I had been able to, I most definitely would have stayed for an additional couple of days if I had the opportunity to do so.

The little house is quite beautiful, and despite its name, it’s not truly all that small. It has wonderful views of the peaceful scenery that are ideal for admiring a glass of wine in the evening or a cup of coffee in the morning.

It is cosy and ideal for a journey to the countryside of the Central Massif.

The A-frame located on the Private Mountain



While unwinding in our luxurious hot pool, you can take in the breathtaking views of the mountains as the sun sets.

You may enjoy the sunrise over the valley from our comfortable loft bed while sipping a cup of our house specialty coffee. The loft bed is located on the second floor.

Our kitchen is fully equipped, and there is even a barbecue on the patio, all in an effort to make your stay as convenient and enjoyable as is humanly possible.

You may also take in the gorgeous view while relaxing in the comfort of your own garden by hanging out in a hammock, playing a game of cornhole, or huddling over a roaring fire.

“The well-known Italian Raffaldini Vineyard may be found on a lovely mountain not far from where you would be staying. It is in close proximity to the town of Raffaldini.

There are vineyard tour buses available for use, and you are welcome to make use of them in the event that you would like to go to some of the breathtaking wineries that are located in the region around Swan Creek. Each of these vineyards is situated in close proximity to the cabin.

We had a lovely time at the lodgings, and they provided everything that was necessary for us to have a restful and enjoyable stay there.

Our host was friendly and responsive, which contributed to the overall feeling that we were entirely at home in the environment.

On the deck where the hot tub is situated, there are spectacular views of the valley and mountains in the distance that surround the property.

The natural setting is spectacular in its beauty, and the neighborhood is quite quiet and peaceful. We had a lot of fun gazing out the window and watching the cattle graze both right next door and further down the road.

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