Amazing 34ft Tall Beautiful Tiny House A-Frame

Greetings, everyone! We continued to discover for you. In this episode, we will show you an Amazing 34ft Tall Beautiful Tiny House A-Frame.

This Tiny tree house is located in Sanford, Maine, United States which is about an hour outside of Portland that surrounded by trees and forest and the lake.

It’s a very beautiful and peaceful place and this property is gorgeous with the changing colors and all the boulders surrounding the lake which you can relax and reset your mind.

The Exterior

Walk up this spiral staircase which takes you up to your entrance up here is the outdoor deck space that lets you look over the property and get a good view of the trees around you on the left side,

There’s a grill, and some seating options, and on the right, there are more seating options and tables to eat at the wood design all around this is great and even smells good anyway the overall design of this exterior is gorgeous from the black metal roof and the wood siding it fits very well with the terrain.


Inside this Tiny House

Walk through the front door and see what the inside has, there are 350 square feet of living space which is that sweet spot for tiny houses the great thing about the sky frame is that it can sleep for guests.

While having all the luxuries you need the main space is the kitchen and living the area is all open with the loft access from this ladder.

The Living space

This living room of this tiny house is very beautiful there’s a reading chair right here in the corner and your dining and seating area in this other corner two bench seats surround this wood dining table

This a tiny house but that’s big enough for all four guests above there’s a projector and you can lower the screen above this window and watch some movies at night or even while you’re eating dinner.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

On the other side of the stairs is the kitchen space here the kitchen spans across this whole wall the left side has your refrigerator which is big enough to house your full-size refrigerator then there’s the 24-inch range is perfect for tiny houses.

Then your sink and countertop space the countertop is wood with this beautiful live edge and you have the cabinets underneath this on the right side there are the dishes on the floating shelves and of course, your coffee maker over here overall this kitchen is great.


The Loft of the Tiny House

The loft of this tiny house is very spacious and super cozy there is a king-size bed and on the other side there is a reading chair, luggage holder, and even a nightstand the wood all around continues to up here as well there are even two windows with one being sunk into the wall it’s a super cool design.


The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom of this tiny house is very beautiful with the sliding pocket door that leads to your full bathroom and the vanity on the left and the huge tree trunk with a blue bowl on top.

It’s very unique looking the faucet is in the pretty neat wall the blue bowl matches your shower which is right next to this a spacious shower that has hot and cool water and the blue tiling everywhere and on the other side there is a clean toilet.

Tiny House


Tiny House

The Main Bedroom

The last door is the main bedroom this has a similar feel to the other but has a burnt wood wall on the back side of the bed with the white and natural wood ship lap in here there is your nightstand on this tree trunk and there is a wall heater in here for the cooler months.

Tiny House

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