Affordable Tiny Home In The City Is Saving Him So Much Money

In the episode, we will see a Affordable tiny home in the city is saving him so much money located in Portland, Oregon.

The exterior of the tiny home

The living tiny house is the outside of my home is actually freaking huge so it is actually 22 feet long the height of my house is 13 and a half feet tall so it fits right under all the overpasses it’s eight and a half feet wide so you can fit a queen size bed going any direction the house itself sits on a dual axle trailer.

And it’s probably like 15 16 000 pounds depending on how busy my life is I’ve moved this house four times actually and drastically inconvenient every time this actually the second location I’ve had my house in portland I got to move here about three-four months ago everyone here is like really friendly genuinely the vibe of portland’s always so comfortable and like really relaxed too so many different identities types of people and it’s just really cool.

The bedroom of the tiny home

This is the little bedroom living room space through some trial and error of different things we’ve just got a mattress because we always find that everyone sleeps down here anyway it allows me to have multiple people over at once and so it can kind of entertain that way so this is really just the spot we all hang out at so what’s really cool about like any tiny house is everything.

The biggest room in the house it allows me to just feel comfortable up here I  can do art projects it’s like my creative space where I can just literally put on anything I want  I’ve got outfits for any event I’ve got so many shoes my friends and I we just trade things we’re all typically the same size.

This is Jackie my best friend we met in  Hollywood I got her at a thrift store in like west hollywood and brought her home immediately and I’ve been changing her every week ever since we wear the same clothes so it’s kind of like she’s literally an extension to me really twins.    

The kitchen of this tiny home

In the kitchen it feels really room we got plenty of counter space we get to have a whole size fridge it’s totally worth the space especially having three people here it’s plenty to like have all of our food and another thing that we recommend having inside of your house is a water heater so our water heater never freezer we don’t have to worry about checking the propane or if anyone’s gonna take it outside it just fits conveniently back here and it’s super lucky it came with this like three burner stove never need even use all of them.

Tiny home

The bathroom of the tiny home

The toilet is gonna be a composting one and honestly, I recommend doing a compost toilet 100 because I can literally move my house anywhere all I have to do is ask for two hookups this is where the water comes out and then this is where the water flows out it goes into like a tank underneath everything  and then yeah just like plug into a 13 amp and that’s going to make it  significantly easier for you to find a spot.   

Tiny home


Tiny home

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