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In this episode, we’ll talk about an Adorable Treehouse Cabin in South Bloomingville, Ohio, United States.

Treehouse has been a popular building style for centuries, and there are many different types and styles of treehouses. Some treehouses are built on trees, while others are built on poles or other support.

Some treehouses are small and simple, while others are elaborate and luxurious. They are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get a little bit of privacy.

The design of this treehouse is very exquisite there are lots of curves and angles it’s basically been turned into a piece of art.

When you walk down to the deck, you’re good to the beautiful wood-burning hot tub, it’s really large. You can enjoy your nice hot tub which overlooks this beautiful ravine the landscape around this tree house is very beautiful.

Inside this Treehouse

When you walk in the front door you’re greeted by the living area and the kitchen.

The living area is very large for this small treehouse this treehouse is designed for basically a couple because there’s only one bedroom but the living and kitchen area are very large and can see more than just two people.

There’s also another rocking chair for more seating you can move it wherever you want and right next to that couch is a bookshelf which provides a lot of games and things to do.

Because you probably wouldn’t get service out here for your phones so you’re just disconnected and forced to interact with the people you are around which is super cool.

The Kitchen of the Treehouse

This living room does face the kitchen so in the kitchen, it is pretty large you got all the amenities you need it is nicely well crafted and I love the cabinets that fit the tree house five and there are lots of cabinets as well it also provides all the utensils you need for cooking.

You got a microwave, a nice sink, a little mini fridge and you got a stove top back here and the corner tucked away and you got a little toaster oven over here you got some shelves above that have all your bowls and cups.

It’s cool and adds a good detail to the home also connecting to the living room is the sliding door to lead out to the deck you can have these curved it’s open during the day you see everything.

And just lets in a lot of natural light or you can close them at night so just in case you think people are looking inside which they probably will be in the middle of nowhere but you can close them anyways.

The Bathroom

It’s pretty spacious they provide a lot of towels and amenities you need for a bathroom it’s large it’s really nice and really clean the shower is super cool and nicely done.

The Master Bedroom

There’s a window on every side of this room so you can look out into the beautiful ravine of the wilderness and if it snows you can see all of that it’s really beautiful this is a queen-size bed with plenty of space right underneath it has some drawers to put all your luggage in or your clothes.

There’s plenty of storage for that there are also drawers on this wall as well to pull out and these drawers actually don’t think of any space since they’re in the wall so there’s a lot of storage here.

Whenever you walk up to the upper deck that connects to the master bedroom you have a few chairs, if you like to get up early in the morning come outside and drink some coffee. There are basically three levels of decking on this home which looks really cool for photos.

It is the perfect retreat for rest, relaxation, and reconnection surrounded by nature. You can rent this beautiful treehouse. Book Here

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