Adorable TINY HOUSE on Wheels w/ Beautiful Inside

In the episode, we will see Adorable Tiny house on Wheels w/ Beautiful Inside located in the New York.

This Tiny house we’re bi-coastal Andrea is from the East coast and we form the west coast one of the reasons and were thinking of moving to Portland Oregon and we looked up the cost of rentals there and it was looked up the cost of rentals there and it was outrageous and we could even hardly even find anything, we’ve been living in our tiny house for about six months.

the living area

In this living room, you also have this couch that is probably about six and a half feet long we had a guest who could definitely sleepover because this does pull out into a bed, and we would have the opportunity to work on a building crew building someone’ 600 square foot fourth house.

the loft

The loft we did in incorporate some pretty big beams Andrea’s dad is a chemical engineer but also a physics nerd and he helped us redesign the roof part so that it could hold up to four feet of wet snow cause we definitely lived in snow country when we were in upstate New York.

Tiny house

In the kitchen of this tiny house

In the kitchen we have a stove it’s an RV stove it was one of the smallest ones that we could find with an oven the oven was particularly important to Andrea it is nice to be able to bake pizza and this is our heater and it’s is small it just fits in this box and we choose for heating systems to be propane so that we could be off the grid potentially if we wanted.

Tiny house

And also we found out that living in our last space, the electric heat is extremely expensive. We went for a big sink again in the last place that we lived in we had a very small sink. And,, it didn’t really inspire us to do dishes. So this is like a kitchen supply-type sink. We decided to go with a half-size fridge instead of a full-size fridge.

Tiny house

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