A stunning treehouse nestled in the woods.

This gorgeous tiny contemporary treehouse is located in the middle of the woods, across a bridge that goes over a small creek, and it can accommodate a total of four guests.



A genuine example of an urban oasis, with stunning natural scenery on all sides and without requiring visitors to sacrifice the convenience or closeness of city life.

After you’ve seen, eaten, and experienced everything that Atlanta has to offer, you may relax on the balcony of the treehouse.

A genuine treehouse that is supported by two oak trees, that can be heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, that features a comfy loft bed, a composting toilet, and everything else required for a relaxing stay in the great outdoors.

It didn’t even feel like we were on her property because the treehouse is situated in a forested area, which contributed to the excellent location of the cabin.

 The shower is located in a secluded place that is outside and quite a distance from the main home. The space is organically designed and has a bathhouse attached to it.

It couldn’t have been better spent than this way.

The treehouse was one of a kind and truly remarkable. There are some excellent eateries in the area, and they are not too far from the airport.

The house may be compact, but it is warm and inviting, and it makes efficient use of the space available.

The forest itself is located in the middle of a suburb of Atlanta, so the tree home was not nearly as “off the grid” as I had anticipated it would be.

 It was an exceptionally well-built edifice, and it provided all of the conveniences necessary for a comfortable night’s stay. The treehouse deep in the woods is a stunning structure.

This house is in a great place.



Our visit was quite enjoyable. These serene settings were exactly what we needed at this moment. When we needed it, the wireless internet functioned quite well.

Even though we had a problem throughout travel, they were kind and understanding.

We had a lovely time throughout our stay, and this is a wonderful site. The hosts provided excellent communication, and altogether, this trip lived up to and even surpassed our expectations!

Our stay in the tree home was only two days, yet it was fully furnished with everything we could possibly require.

This home is situated in a thickly forested location. Your own personal getaway. Downstairs is a comfortable sitting area, a tiny bathroom with an indoor-outdoor shower, and a balcony with views of the surrounding woods and creek.

In addition, our Cabin offers everything you might possibly require for a relaxing weekend away. The loft is little but has enough space for a couple.

This location is very picturesque. Very well cared for and inviting, with the sense of excitement and adventure that one gets from a treehouse while still having the amenities of a house.

The Treehouse was a fantastic spot to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The owners were very quick to respond and attentive, so there was no need to worry about not getting what you required and then being abandoned.

A one-of-a-kind and romantic retreat situated smack dab in the center of Virginia’s wine region. It was just right.

A bird’s nest treehouse can be found in the woods.



The tallest point of this magnificent treehouse, which was just recently constructed, climbs approximately 30 feet into the air and provides guests with a wonderful perspective of the forest that is all around them.

You have sole use of this private tiny cottage, together with its attached balcony, and there are no shared or public areas.

After a long day of hiking at Rickett’s Glen, come back to the cabin and unwind on the ground floor covered patio. Not only is it completely furnished, but it also has a gas grill for cooking steaks and other meats.

 enjoy the stunning natural settings that this woodland expedition has to offer.

Because of its endearing character and warm, welcoming vibe, we had a wonderful experience spending time in the tree house.

Breakfast was made for all of us with a great deal of care and consideration for the smallest of particulars.

It was a sweet and adorable small cottage that had wonderful trees growing all around it and encircling it on all sides.

My children’s delight at the prospect of going back to the treehouse was palpable, and they could hardly contain themselves.

A good evening was had by all as we sat around the campfire at Rickett’s Glen, where we roasted marshmallows, played board games, and ate s’mores before setting out the next morning on our hike.

The house was beautiful, completely unique, immaculately clean, and had a homey, relaxing vibe across the entire place.

The treehouse had been meticulously cleaned, and it featured a shower with hot water, freshly washed linens, and a full set of amenities.

Friendly hot tub fire pit at the Treehouse at Edenwood



This one-of-a-kind treehouse is the ideal location for a retreat with your significant other. Discreetly tucked away on a picturesque mountaintop,

consists of one stunning bedroom with a view of the surrounding forest, a cozy kitchenette, a hot tub that is heated by wood, and floor-to-ceiling windows that let an abundance of natural light into the space.

Honeymooners and married couples celebrating anniversaries would adore this treehouse.

The scenery was really stunning! It felt unreal to open my eyes and look out those enormous windows at the forest outside.

This location is ideal for getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yet Asheville is only a short drive away in case you feel the need to go out on the town.

This room has a rustic yet contemporary feel because to the use of elements such as hardwood-inspired flooring, shiplap walls, and modern tile work.

You may spend even more time around the fire pit because it comes equipped with firewood, matches, and other kinds of fire starters.

The treehouse was a beautiful place to stay! My husband and I enjoyed a long weekend filled with good food, relaxation, and good times together.

It is compact, yet makes very efficient use of the available space. The hot tub was enjoyable, but it took a ridiculously long time to heat up.

The room was very gorgeous, and we had a wonderful sense of being at home in it. It was almost as if you were sleeping outside thanks to the large windows that were just in front of the bed. It was a story from a fairytale.

In addition to that, the hotel was a lot of fun to stay at.

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