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A Stunning Tiny House from National Park

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In the episode, we will see Inside a Small Minimal House Minutes from National Park located in Yucca Valley, California, United States.

This house is a thousand square feet of living space two bedrooms one bathroom it’s a perfect getaway if you ever want to come here to Joshua Tree the National Park is a really short drive away and it has, of course, Joshua trees all over this property and have five acres of your own desert property to enjoy so it’s pretty.

The Living room

This living room Space is really large you can see the seating is over here on this side leather sofa a couple of ottomans another chair option here I like the rug for added coziness and this all faces your TV over here.

And then This is a dining table with these mid-century modern-looking chairs and the round Wood dining table green right here and they just have a lot of open space in here you can only really fit four guests in this cabin so the four chairs here and there are four seating.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is in the middle and you can find a smaller kitchen space and you have everything you need here full-size fridge on this side and then you got the Butcher Block countertop some cabinets underneath the hidden dishwasher is really nice very nice actually you got the oven range right here the hidden Hood vent is awesome behind this cabinet and then up above all these cabinets are all of your dishes and cooking utensils the coffee is in this one microwave and then more drawers.

The Bathroom

In this bathroom, you have the shower and the colors match the desert landscape very nicely with this light pink color and then the darker maroon color for the Shelf inside of the shower the gold accents are everywhere and then your vanity and toilet are over here this is a beautiful bathroom.

The Bedroom

This bedroom space has a king-sized bed and there’s a closet mirrored closet over here on the right with a full-length mirror in the corner and nightstands on both sides simple bedroom but very functional and comfortable.

The Loft of the house

The bed in the middle in front of this window is yours and has a king-sized bed so you can be comfortable up here in the Loft overall a very simple bedroom along with the other one and this whole Space is clean and simple pretty nice.


The Outdoor of this house

The outdoor patio space and the views from here are just gorgeous this is pretty spaced out from all the other ones which is nice this covered patio you have a wood teak dining table out here really cool and then some seating over here with a gas fireplace.


The Hot tub of the house

The tub is basically just a small swimming pool for those hot summer months out here in the desert then also your hot tub which is perfect and you can definitely view the stars from here is a cool seating area.


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