A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, in the Meng Prestwick.

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Once you go into the Meng Prestwick, a traditional log cabin in the woods, you’ll be surprised to see how modern the interior is.

This will come as a surprise to anyone who visits the cabin for the first time. The sturdy pine exterior that has been chicked is a throwback to bygone eras, yet it has shown to be time-resistant even in the present day.

A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, the Meng Prestwick

Log Cabin Size 6,100 square feet

When a sprawling landscape and two structures join together to generate a nice environment in which one may relax and feel at peace, a lovely home has been established. This space can be found in a beautiful home.

Despite the fact that the façade of the log home has been kept in its original log cabin construction, the builders and owners have been able to give each area a contemporary feel.

A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, the Meng Prestwick

A welcoming entrance to the interior living area of the home is provided by a covered porch that can be found on the front of the house.

One of the aspects of the structure that I find most appealing is the one-of-a-kind glass door that serves as the front entrance.

The addition of French doors to this space not only helps to bring the outdoors inside but also gives the room a more modern vibe overall.

I have always considered French doors to be one of my favorite door styles, and I still feel that way today.

A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, the Meng Prestwick

The spacious porches that extend down both sides of the house will allow you to make the most of the sunshine on days when it is out by providing you with plenty of room to spread out and relax.

Wicker furniture that includes cushions on the back is perfect for social gatherings with friends and family as well as for unwinding on your own in the morning with a cup of coffee. These pieces of furniture are versatile and can be used for either purpose.

A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, the Meng Prestwick

Inside those doors, you find the open entry of the home with stairs to one side leading to the second-floor loft landing.

On the other sides of this entry are the kitchen space as well as the living room.

A simple but lovely style follows inside and out with the same hand-hewn logs and chinking throughout the home.

A Roomy, Traditional Chinked Cabin, the Meng Prestwick

The family room features both picture windows and a door that open out onto the side patio. The picture windows in the family room look out onto the porch, while the door leads out onto the side patio.

You are able to unwind and feel completely at peace inside the house regardless of the temperature or amount of precipitation that is occurring outside owing to the pleasant warmth that is provided by a fireplace situated in one of the room’s corners.

You are cordially invited in for a night of unwinding with the people you care about most, whether they be friends or family members, at the tables that are lined with sofas and chairs.

Traditional Chinked Cabin

With the installation of a kitchen tucked away in one of the alcoves, the space now has a decidedly more modern vibe. Cabinets with a light wood stain that are positioned both above and below an unadorned granite countertop offer a large amount of storage space.

This space may be utilized for storing a variety of items, including pantry necessities.

Butcher block is used for the surface of the island that is situated in the middle of the room.

This makes it easy to clean and convenient for use when preparing meals on a regular basis because of the island’s central location.

In addition, by pushing four stools up against the border of the counter, you can create a bar or breakfast nook that is warm and inviting for your guests.

Traditional Chinked Cabin

Each of the bedrooms in this house has a fireplace, and they are all designed in the style of a classic log cabin. These bedrooms are among the most magnificent features of this home.

It is a beautiful place to relax and get away from the world while experiencing the beauty and style of a bygone era, which can be found at this location.

The owners of this log cabin, which is based on the Prestwick model, have made a number of tweaks and modifications to bring it more in line with the style that they desire.

The space features wood paneling on the walls, ceilings, and flooring; yet, colorful accents are introduced into the room through the use of area rugs and wall art. Additionally, the home boasts fireplaces in a variety of locations, each of which contributes to the overall sense of warmth and hominess.


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